Friday, March 15, 2019

Jenn for Project Farmer's Market

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Today we're highlighting the Jonagold Jumper and it's designer, Jenn of Jennuine Design.

Hi, I'm Jenn of Jennuine Design.  I'm an accountant by degree and I've taken my love of logic and precision and mashed it up with my creative side to grow into a designer.  Originally from Michigan, my husband and two daughters now call New Jersey home.  I promise, we aren't living the Soprano's life here - though several places here in town were used as filming locations!  Arden (10) and Hadley (7) love wearing and modeling the clothes I make for them, often helping with planning and styling as well as modeling for photos.

I designed the Jonagold Jumper to be a comfortable and versatile wardrobe staple for any season.  With a relaxed and modern silhouette and many options it appeals to babies, toddlers, big kids, tweens, and boys or girls.  There are four options for the bottom of the jumper - skirt, shorts, crops, or pants.  During testing we added more options like an alternate straight neckline and different shaped pockets to offer choices that would appeal to different tastes.  Large front pockets can be placed on the bottoms and/or the bib.  There are multiple ways the ties can be attached - my favorite is to tie a knot through grommets.  

The collaborative atmosphere for Project Farmer's Market was amazing!  All the designers worked together, pitching ideas that would complement the others, brainstorming for the theme, offering guidance and feedback as we worked through the patterns, and then sewing from the collection.  Designing can often feel somewhat isolating, and this was a wonderful opportunity to work with a great group of creative, sharing, and professional women.  What we accomplished together was so much greater than any one of us could have produced on our own.

I enjoyed getting to sew up a number of the patterns from the collection.  Again, what I gained by doing this was so much more than just some new clothes for my kids.  I was able to craft a mix and match capsule wardrobe for my two daughters, who happen to be nearly the same size.  This allowed me to be able to speak with knowledge about the fantastic quality of the patterns I sewed.  It also presented an opportunity to do a really fun, editorial style photo shoot of the collection.  I asked a photographer friend to come along as my expert, and I was able to take some shots more as an assistant while focusing on checking the styling and learning some tricks along the way.  I'm a reasonable hobbyist photographer, but Carlos' photos are the real deal and I'm so pleased with the images we captured.  A good friend of mine (also named Jennifer) owns Olive That and More where we took our photos so the girls didn't have to pretend it was warm enough to model spring looks!  

As my "bonus" accessory pattern, you can pick up the Rancher Bandana on my site.  This cute and quick pattern is a bib with snap fasteners for babies, a cowl for toddlers through adults, or a one-size tied bandana.  Even our four-legged friends can get in on the action, as my dog Laser and Randi's dog happily tried it on for size!

I hope you enjoy this amazing collection of patterns we have put together for you and can't wait to see what you make!  Come join the community and share your makes on Facebook at Sew Jennuine Design or on Instagram at @jennuinedesign

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