Thursday, March 14, 2019

Suz for Project Farmer's Market

We're delighted to share more about Suz of Sew Pony and the Seed Pattern she designed for Project Farmer's Market.

Hi there, my name is Suz.  I live in country Victoria, Australia on a six acre property with my husband and three daughters.  Isabella (10 years), Juliette (8 years) and Emily (7 years) are my main sewing inspiration! I started my blog way back in 2011 for fun and to share my sewing.  My husband Stefan came up with the name 'sewpony' as a take on the term 'show pony', since I am essentially 'showing off' the things that I sew. 

The Seed pattern set offers a variety of options – a pretty, easy fitting jumpsuit or dress as well as comfortable shorts or pants.  Both the jumpsuit and dress offer a sleeveless or flutter sleeve view, button opening and elasticised waist for easy dressing.  Pockets can be incorporated as well.  The jumpsuit features shorts or pants with regular or elasticised hem.  The dress option features a below the knee length skirt.  The neckline and sleeveless view are finished with a bias hem, making the design light and well finished.  The Seed pattern is designed for lightweight woven fabric, however some knit fabrics may also be suitable. 

When I decided to join Audrey and the growing team of designers and knew that we were designing for spring, I knew I wanted to design a jumpsuit.  I'm a big fan of jumpsuits and have always wanted to design one for my girls.  The Seed pattern developed along the way to also include a dress as well as separate shorts and pants...because who doesn't love too many options?  I chose the name Seed because it's sweet and is the source of farmers' market produce!  Collaborating as part of a team has been an absolute delight.  We have all supported and encouraged each other and it has helped me enormously in keeping my momentum going with designing and delivering the seed pattern! 

Grab the FREE Seed Headband over on the Sew Pony blog and read more about the Seed Pattern.

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