Monday, August 5, 2019

Binoculars Stretch Crepe Fabric

Binoculars is the only design printed on the stretch crepe substrate for the Project Nature Adventure fabric collection.  This design was created by Delia of Delia Creates.  Ocean views seen through binoculars dance across this lightweight, comfortable fabric.

Binoculars is printed on stretch crepe fabric.  This is a high quality fabric is very stable to work, and the small amount of stretch means the finished garment will be move with the wearer in supreme comfort.  The drape of this crepe is fantastic, and can be described as liquid.

Binoculars is perfect for sewing jumpsuits, skirts, tops, pants, dresses, rompers, and any garment you want to drape beautifully!

Preorders for the Project Nature Adventure fabric ends August 19.  The expected ship date is August 29.
Pre-orders are automatically discounted $1 per yard.
Availability following the release date will be limited.  Basically, if you've fallen in love with this fabric, make sure to pre-order so you are guaranteed to get some!

Preorder Project Nature Adventure fabric here.

We've also created a lookbook to proudly present you this 2nd designer collaboration...Project Nature Adventure!   This whole collection is specifically designed with children and their adventure-loving spirits in mind.

Explore the Project Nature Adventure lookbook here.

Not only are fabrics being introduced, but we’ve included 15 nature themed cut files to coordinate with this collection too!  Add them to any project that could use a touch of adventure!

We hope you have fun creating with these fabrics and find yourself drawn into the adventure of Project Nature Adventure. 

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