Friday, October 25, 2019

Art Bella & Project Street Style

Our final guest for Project Street Style is Carin of Art Bella.  She created a fabulous array of looks using the Project Street Style patterns!  Plus she graciously contributed the Skatergirl digital design seen in this look:

For this look Carin used:

Easy Street Tee

Metro Pants and Shorts

And with those same patterns, Carin created a totally different look:

This is an excellent example of how versatile these patterns can be!  But that's not all, check out this creation:

For this stunning piece, Carin used the Indigo Pattern.

It was so encouraging to see these creations come from Carin because she hasn't been able to sew for quite some time due to her sewing room being out of commission due to a remodel! 

Here's her thoughts on the Project Street Style collection:

Street style to me means functional, colorful and comfortable. This collection came just at the right time for us. My Bella loves to dress up in her own unique style, she does not want to wear dresses and if she does they usually don’t stay on for too long so we are loving the loose T’s the comfy pants and the Indigo Jumper is so comfy and can be dressed up or down. She likes bright colors and she likes to mix and match them. She is also being homeschooled this year so we do a lot of things outside, exploring, we love to hang at our favorite coffee shop, Flour house or when we are on the move on a Tuesday we grab a coffee at our favorite coffee truck, Cows Coffee.

Be sure to follow along over at Art Bella Creates for loads of inspiring sewing fun!

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