Friday, October 18, 2019

Violets and Jewels & Project Street Style

Rachel of Violets and Jewels sewed up the most adorable pieces for Project Street Style!

For her looks she used these patterns:

Rachel shared her thoughts on something very special inspired the the Street Style theme:

We have a couple food trucks that we like to visit. One is just basically around the corner from our house and by the local school. It’s one of the two trucks in our small town, Taco Trucks. YUM! I can get a super burrito everyday if I could, the girls love just a basic carne asda taco. Our second favorite “truck” is The Tri-Tipery and it serves Tri-Tip in different Sandwiches  It has a home base restaurant and trucks for special events. Just typing this up is making me hungry to go get some food. 

Okay, now we're in the mood for some food truck fun too!  Head over to Violets and Jewels for tons more Project Street Style inspiration.

All these patterns are on SALE during release week (October 14-20) for 20% off!  Or you can buy them bundled for an even bigger discount.   Save over 30% by purchasing these patterns together in this bundle!

Buy the whole Project Street Style Collection here.

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