Monday, November 4, 2019

Season 22 Dates, Location and a Reprieve

It's time for the final stop on our 2019 world tour!  Season 22 will be located in...

The British Isles and Ireland!!!

The home of the Great British Sewing Bee and Liberty of London, you can surely expect great things for Season 22!

Here are the dates for Season 22:

Week 1: November 18-22
Week 2: November 25-29
Week 3: December 2-6

"Wait a minute!"  Someone in the back is yelling, "That's only 3 weeks!!" 

Yes, Season 22 is going to last 3 weeks long!  This is to let the designers and everyone else involved have a reprieve and be able to celebrate the holidays with their families free from the stress and exhaustion of sew for a full Season!

Hopefully this will enable EVERYONE to sew along without stress too.  We think the themes are going to be ones that you'll love for the holidays come back tomorrow when we reveal the themes!!!

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