Monday, March 2, 2020

2020 Board of Advisors

Before we kick of Season 23, you need to meet a very special group of ladies.  These ladies agreed to help me out by serving on the Board of Advisors for 2020.  Each of these ladies SHONE on their Season and brings a special, unique viewpoint to the Board of Advisors.  

They are helping me shape the future of Project Run & Play, reigning me in when I get too carried away with an idea, offering suggestions, helping judge the sew along, choosing the themes and more!  Without them I'd be overwhelmed.  So please give a very warm welcome to these ladies:

Lindsay of PA Country Crafts from Season 13.  Her blog is a treasure trove of DIY tutorials, recipes, printables and more.  And who can forget the BEAUTIFUL floral fabric and digital designs she created for Project Nature Adventure.  Follow Lindsay on Instagram for inspirational projects you will really want to make.

Jenny of Made of Starlite from Season 21.  She also designed some of the most fun digital designs for the Project Street Style collaboration.  She is bringing the best energetic excitement to the Board of Advisors!  Her gorgeous sewing fills the pages at Made of Starlite, and I just want to sew every single thing she makes, it's that inspiring!  You'll want to follow Jenny on Instagram to add some happy to your feed.

Sarah of Made by Jack's Mum from Season 22.  Sarah has a pattern shop filled with everything from basics to accessories for children and adults.,  We're delighted to have her very talented expertise on board.  Follow Sarah on Instagram for tons of helpful sewing advice, and to see more of her cute boys!

Teronia of Sew Haute Blog from Season 14.  Teronia has 2 kids under the age of 2, so for her to do anything else outside the title of Mom is an honor!  Follow her on Instagram here for the cutest little models and boutique sewing inspiration.

Tami of SewSophieLynn from Seasons 12 and 15.  Every. Single. Time. she sews something I immediately make plans to copy it, whether it's for her beautiful kids or (even better) for herself!  Follow her on Instagram for all the sewing goodness you can imagine. 

Candice of Candice Ayala from Season 16.  Recently her family made a cross country move, and it's been super fun following along (on Instagram) as she sets up her new sewing space!  You can follow her on Instagram for lots of sewing and up cycling, including her teenage son and grade school daughter's sewing journey.

Ari of Max California from Season 6 & Mini Season 1.  She has the very most fun sense of style, both for her kids and herself! Follow her on Instagram here to keep up with the coolest kids ever.

Please welcome the Board of Advisors by visiting their blogs and following them on social media.  You're really doing yourself a favor!

These amazing ladies have chosen the themes for Season 23, and they are so inspirational, we can't wait to share them with you!  Come back tomorrow and we'll do just that!

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