Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Lindsay of PA Country Crafts for Project Watercolor Beach

PSA: Today is the last day of the release week sale of the Project Watercolor Beach patterns!

Project Watercolor Beach is a collaboration in more ways than one!  With every collection we've released, we ask some talented designers to participate in a tour.  Because of their collaboration, you get to see the patterns on different bodies and from different fabrics.  Prepare yourself to be amazed for the next couple of weeks!

Today Lindsay of PA Country Crafts is sharing some of her thoughts and makes from the Project Watercolor Beach collection. 

Project Run and Play lookbooks are one of my very favorite things in the sewing community! I was really excited about the new Project Watercolor Beach pattern collection, but we were landlocked and locked down. Fortunately, we just happened to paint a perfectly coordinating beach mural wall in one of the kids rooms a few months ago. I sewed up a bunch of clothes and we pretended that it was the beach. My youngest daughter got a Golden Dress, a Coral Wrap Dress in maxi length will bell sleeves, a Bodhi Board Skirt, and a Chromium Hoodie in the full length. My older girls begged for cropped hoodies so I sewed up a few of those as well. These clothes are all so cute and comfortable that I am sure they will get lots of wear even if we are just spending a lot of time hanging out at home!  

Please head over to PA Country Crafts to check out more!

You can find the Lindsay's creations in the Project Watercolor Beach lookbook starting on page 152.

See you tomorrow for more Project Watercolor Beach fun!

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