Monday, June 8, 2020

Project Watercolor Beach Lookbook!

It's the moment we've all been waiting for...the lookbook for Project Watercolor Beach is HERE!

(Also, tomorrow is the last day of the release week sale...hurry and grab this gorgeous collection today!)

This lookbook presents the 4th designer collaboration...
Project Watercolor Beach!  
Six designers from the Project Run & Play community worked together to create a pattern collection specifically designed with children and their summer adventures in mind.

Everything in this collection plays off this Watercolor Beach theme.  Summers are made especially for childhood memory making.  This lookbook dances around the world peeking in on the summer exploits of children in their finest element.  

As you flip through the pages of the lookbook we hope this energetic theme will inspire you to create over and over again.  It certainly inspired our sewists as you can see from the sheer amount of incredible garments, locations, and poses throughout this ‘zine!   

In addition to the 10 patterns, we’ve included some relaxed digital files to coordinate with this collection too!  Add them to any project that could use a dose of sandy toes and salty kisses!

As the leader of Project Run & Play, I have the honor of coordinating these collaborations and participating in them too!  Tapping into the tremendous amount of talent represented among the role of past Project Run & Play designers for these collaborations is such a privilege!  

But I feel this collaboration took extra intensity from each of the designers.  They managed to produce this fantastic collection in the middle of a worldwide pandemic.  Despite all the obstacles, emotions, and ups and downs of this tumultous time, these talented artists persevered.  No, not only survived, but THRIVED!!!

When you look through this publication, we hope you’ll feel the carefree, lighthearted vibes of summer coming through strong.  Take that with you into your future!
  It’s with immense pride that I’ve been able to be a cheerleader and coordinator of this Designer Collection #4:  Project Watercolor Beach.

~Audrey, head CHEERleader at Project Run & Play

Come back all week long as your favorite past Project Run & Play designers share their love of the Project Watercolor Beach collection.

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