Friday, July 31, 2020

Summer Hack-stravaganza with That's Sew Kari

It's the final day of the Summer Hack-stravaganza!  We're excited to share this final amazing tutorial from Kari of That's Sew Kari with you.  And yes, there's a final giveaway at the end of this post!

Hi y'all!!  It's Kari from That's-Sew-Kari and hacking patterns is probably one of my favorite things about sewing!  It seems like the only time I sew a pattern "as is" is when I'm testing patterns, but after that, I'm always tweaking it or making my own.   

After browsing several times through the Project Run and Play store, inspiration finally hit and I selected the Banana Boat Tee by Lil Luxe Collection and the Janie Dress by Mouse House Creations....

and then I made them into one dress!

Here's a peek at how the skirt is attached!  It's the Janie Dress underneath (I chose the gathered circle so I could use a woven fabric) and Banana Boat Tee on top -- connected at the neckline and armscye.

Cut out the Banana Boat Tee pattern pieces (shown as the longer pieces above).  Use the neckline and armscye of the Banana Boat Tee to draw a matching neckline and armscye on the Janie Dress pattern.    (In my example, the tee is a looser fit than the dress, so on the dress bodice, I angled down towards my daughter's size.)   

***I didn't add length to my Janie bodice, but in the future, I'd probably add at least an inch or measure to get it closer to the belly button to avoid scrunching the tee too much.

Complete the Banana Boat tee except for the neckline and armscye.  Complete the sleeves but do not attach them yet.

Sew the shoulder and side seams of the Janie Dress bodice.  Sew the skirt.

With both the tee and the bodice right side out, slide the tee inside the Janie bodice.  Pin along the neckline.

Sew the neckline with a stretch stitch.

Clip the SA of the neckline.

Turn right side out so the Banana Boat tee is on the outside.  Topstitch the neckline, if desired and baste the sleeve openings.  Add the sleeves.  Pull the Banana Boat Tee out of the way and attach the Janie skirt to just the Janie bodice.  Scrunch the side of the Banana Boat tee and you are done!

Head over to my blog for more pictures and fabric details.

That is SO adorable and SO on trend!!!  We're delighted to have this tutorial because we're going to USE IT!!!

Today's giveaway:

Enter to win 2 patterns of your choice from the Project Run & Play shop in and of these 2 ways:


We hope you enjoyed this Summer Hack-stravaganza as much as we did!  Next week we're going to keep the goodness going with a couple of very fun things...see you then!

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  1. Thank you, Kari, for this brilliant tutorial. I LOVE this combination and am so excited to try it! ❤


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