Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Project Run & Play Tween Scene: Patterns and Inspiration for Girls

For day 2 of our Tween Scene, we're going to focus on sewing for tween and teen girls.  This can be especially fun as they are hitting the stage where they start experimenting with their style.  It also can be intimidating if they have strong likes and dislikes!  

We've got a list of patterns from the shop that reach into the upper limits of tween and teen sizes.  And then there's some major inspiration and 4 super important tips from Kari of That's Sew Kari. 

Let's kick it off with a list of all the patterns for girls that you can get in the Project Run & Play shop that reach to size 14 and 16.

Size 14

You might like to know that sizes 7-14 of all Project Run & Play label patterns are drafted on a tween/teen block for better fit. These include:

Coral Wrap Dress, Top, and Skirt

Stoplight Skirt

Easy Street Tee

Rosemary Shirt

Other girl patterns that go up to size 14:

Joseph(ine) Cardigan 

Abby’s Marigold Pants

Golden Dress

Lemon Tee

Abby’s Trailblazing Socks

Abby’s Ballerina Skirt

Abby’s River Romper

Abby’s Spin and Twirl Dress

Abby’s Watercolor Dress

Abby’s Spidermonkey Pants

Via Top, Tunic, and Dress

City Lights Cape

Metro Pants and Shorts

Aurora Raglan

Foliis Jacket and Dress

Risu Dress

Rita Dress and Nightgown

Maria Blouse

Size 16

Chromium Cropped Hoodie

Ultramarine Coverup

Fireside Slippers

AJ Aviator Hat

Fell & Dale Cap

Senpai Bomber Jacket

Cicero Jacket

Ichigo Bomber Jacket

Pudding Pants

Natsu Shorties

Umaru Shirt

Squared Away Tunic and Dress

Wow!  What a selection!  And now here's Kari:

Top: Chromium Cropped Hoodie (added thumbhole cuffs) by Call Ajaire (Seasons 9 & 15) | Bottom: Alba Shorts by Little Lizard King 

Hi there, it's Kari from That's-Sew-Kari popping over today with some Tween/Teen sewing inspo.  While I don't quite have a teenager yet, my oldest daughter is 11 and has been gravitating towards the tween/teen style elements for the past year or two.  She has always loved handmade, but also loves fashion so I knew I'd need to 'grow' with her if wanted to keep sewing for her.  Here is what I've learned over the past 18 months or so ...

Marigold by Natasha (Season 19) of Peony Patterns

1. Find their fabric style!

My daughter takes after me and is drawn to stripes. I know if I sew up something in stripes, she will absolutely love it.  I love that they add a bit of sophistication and you can play with the orientation of the stripes for added interest!

Bloomsbury by Little Lizard King | Week 1 Entry of Project Run & Play (Season 23) | Lenox by Little Lizard King

Ollie Bomber Jacket (mod: cropped) by Kelly (Season 23) of Sew A Little Seam | Linden Skirt by Sew A Little Seam

2. Pay attention to fashion trends!

Whenever I'm out shopping, I pay attention to what kind of things are available in the store.  Then I go home and recreate it!!  She loves that she has a custom piece and I love that it fits properly!  (I size blend for her because she's super slim).

Saguaro by Honeydew Kisses | Bonfire Jacket by Ainslee Fox Boutique & Slim Trousers by Jessica (Season 17) of Lil Luxe Collection | Be The Leader by Ellie & Mac

Colmar by Little Lizard King

3. Keep it simple!

There may be exceptions to the rule, but in my experience, "less is more".   My daughter is drawn to simple silhouettes, especially dresses with circle skirts.  Several of these patterns had optional ruffles or collars.  Leaving the extra frill off instantly updates them to a "tween style" as my daughter calls it.

London by Little Lizard King | Lenox by Little Lizard King | Xanadu Dress by Bernadette (Season 13) of Duchess and Hare

Sausalito (modified) by Little Lizard King with added Middle School School Spirit vinyl

4. Hoodies are LIFE!!

I've found the BEST way to my tween's heart is to throw her a hoodie every now and then.  Maybe they suddenly get cold as they hit puberty, but she practically lives in these!  Her favorite pattern is the Chromium Cropped Hoodie (title pic), especially the cropped version!

Sausalito (modified) by Little Lizard King with added Middle School School Spirit vinyl | Be Creative by Ellie and Mac (modified) | Be Creative by Ellie and Mac

My final tip is to include your tween/teen in the design process!  Occasionally I do surprise her with items, but she tends to wear the items she's helped design the most and it gives us great bonding time.  She also likes to see how the project evolves from conception to finished project and the anticipation of getting to wear it builds throughout.

There's so much inspiration and tips and patterns for teen and tween girls!  What will you sew first?  Okay, see you tomorrow when we turn the spotlight on the b.o.y.s.

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