Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Take Me Back with Mami de Sofiona

 Are you ready to dive deep into another inspiring look?  The look this week is by Sherri of Mami de Sofiona from Season 14 Week 3: Candy Coated Challenge.

Isn't this SO FUN?  We immediately wanted to create clothes just like this!  So we're going to go about doing that today...with one caveat: Sherri is SUCH and amazing technician that we hope she forgives us for any details we're missing or anything we get not quite right!  Ready?  Let's geek out!!!

There are 4 delightful pieces represented in this look.  They're each special, and all together, DELICIOUS!  (Sorry, couldn't resist...)  Let's break it down starting with the older daughter:

This fun look is representing the candy Starbursts!  Yum!  Here we see a fun cropped shirt, just the right length to show off that gorgeous skirt.

Starburst Shirt pattern: The Chromium Cropped Hoodie would be a great choice here.  Use the version with short sleeves.  As far as that jaw-dropping pieced star goes, you'll have to head over to Sherri's post for more information on how to do that. 

Starburst Shirt fabric: This look can only be obtained by using a scuba or neoprene fabric.  This orchid color neoprene would make the outfit POP for sure!

Starburst Skirt pattern: A midi length Soleil Skirt would be amazing here.  Just two changes would need to be made: eliminating the button placket (which is actually super easy!) and making pleats instead of gathers.  Now we want one !

Starburst Skirt fabric: This fabric is called Steps Above Prism, a stunning Art Gallery Fabrics quilting cotton.  It has just enough body to make the pleats really sharp, but enough drape for comfortable wear.

And this cutie is representing the candy Nerds!  She also has a shirt and skirt, but they're completely different.

Nerds Shirt pattern: The Maria Blouse is a perfect fit for this!  Just choose the options for those cute puff short sleeves, collar and plain bodice.

Nerds Shirt fabric: This Paintbrush Rainbow Dots fabric is a perfect fit!  It would be easy to work with and once you got around to those buttonholes, you'd be glad for a stable fabric like this.

Nerds Shirt trim: Did your eye go straight to that pink lace trim?  Or was it caught by that fun navy ribbon bow?  Both would be easy to add to this shirt.

Nerds Skirt pattern: We're going to choose a pattern you might not have expected here, the D'Anjou Dress!  But hear us out: our eyes went straight to that drop waist element, and it might have been the ruffle that drew our eyes, but we had to figure out how to recreate it!  With the D'Anjou Dress pattern, you would use the size charts to use the chest measurement as a waist measurement.  You could eliminate the curve in the front bodice to be straight across.  Then you'd have to eliminate the straps, and make pleats instead of gathers.  And of course add a ruffle between the waistband and skirt.  But hello, cute skirt!

Nerds Skirt fabric: This one was super easy; textured yard dyed chambray in poppy color way!  We actually ADORE using chambray for a skirt...it holds up about as good as denim but is more lightweight.

Nerds Skirt trim: A delicate white lace trim peeks out from the bottom of the skirt.  It's a perfect touch!  

Alright, here it is all together:

Location, Styling and Photography:  Outfits this fun certainly didn't need to be overshadowed by the surroundings.  Sherri chose a solid background, but with the added texture of stairs!  Such a great choice.  There weren't any props needed (although Sherri has a bunch more fun photos on her blog) because the clothes do all the taking here!  Love the knee high socks though.  And the hairstyles are perfection!

What else did you notice about this look?

See what the other designers created for the Candy Coated Challenge here.

More details on Sherri's blog here.

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