Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Ajaire sews Project Lounge Library

 Remember ALL the patterns in this Project Lounge Library collection are priced at 20% off through November 30th.  The Lounge Library bundled collection is the best deal, as it is priced at over 30% off!  Today we get to see more makes from the Project Lounge Library collection!

Ajaire sewed up some of the cutest pajamas for her girls!

I adorable!  Be sure to head over to Call Ajaire to read more about ALL the things she sewed from this collection!

You can shop the Project Lounge Library collection here:

Project Lounge Library pattern collection

Alice Top & Dress

Becky Skirt

Biography Bomigan 

Bookish Beanie

George Hoodie

Joseph Joggers

Journal Jumpsuit

Nini Noni Nightwear

Novella Pinafore

Prose & Poetry Cargo Joggers & Skirt

Story Pattern

Urban Classic Doll

Urban Jungle Crew Bundle

Urban Jungle Crew 1

Urban Jungle Crew 2

Urban Jungle Crew 3

Urban Jungle Crew 4

Urban Jungle Crew 5

Nutcracker Doll

Urban Clothes Bundle

Lounge Library Digital Designs

See you tomorrow for another designer sharing what they sewed from this awesome pattern collection!

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