Thursday, December 3, 2020

Delia for Project Lounge Library

 We are SO delighted to share Delia's makes from the Project Lounge Library pattern collection with you today.

When we found out Delia was using a Shel Silverstein poem as her inspiration for her makes, we couldn't have been happier!  That is one of our favorite authors hands down!

Delia used these patterns to create her looks:

Story Pattern

Novella Pinafore

And as usual, Delia's photography in the Pacific North West left us gasping in admiration!   Be sure to head over to Delia Creates for lots more on her makes from the Project Lounge Library pattern collection.

What did you think of the layout we made for Delia's looks in the lookbook?  Check out the lookbook here.

See you tomorrow when Jenny of Made of Starlite shares her makes from the collection.

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