Monday, March 22, 2021

Sew Chibi Designs x {Pantone Party 2021}

 Prepare to have the way you think about color challenged!  Today Kat from Sew Chibi Designs is here to mesmerize you with her creations for the Pantone Party.  Kat used fabric from to work her magic!

Kat always brings the COOL to the party, and today is just another example of that!  Let's step a little closer...

Here you can see an Umaru Shirt and the Abby's Spin and Twirl Dress both sewn in yellow cotton lycra knit fabric.

Also there is a Touka Sweater patterns sewn up in this amazing Gray Cotton knitted fabric!

Now you'll for sure want to head over to Sew Chibi Designs to take a test on color theory...can your brain do it???

Are you feeling inspired to sew along?  Share your yellow and/or gray creations here.

Come back tomorrow when Katie of Made by Kates joins the Pantone Party.

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