Thursday, June 24, 2021

Parfait Polo Sew Along Day 4: Side Vent and Hems

Welcome to Day 4 of the Parfait Polo sew along!  If you're sewing a shirt version, today is the last day! 

Grab the Parfait Polo pattern here in the shop.

Day 1 we'll sew the yoke and placket.  

Day 2 we'll sew the shoulders, collar and neck binding

Day 3 we'll sew the sleeves and side seam

Day 4 we'll sew the hem and side vent (shirt only)

Day 5 we'll attach the dress versions

Today we're hemming and sewing that fun side vent.  The fabric used to sew this Parfait Polo is Art Gallery Fabrics jersey knit in the spruce color.

Want to know a secret?  Hemming is one of our least favorite parts of sewing any pattern!  So when the hemming is NOT the last step, we always celebrate because we have to do it to able to complete the pattern!  Anyway, the next step is to hem the shirt.  Because the hem is curved, sew this hem slowly, stretching the fabric lightly to fit as needed.  Another tip, we like to sew this with the right side of the fabric facing...but it is not a requirement.

Fold over the vent allowance by 1/2" and then tuck under half of that so the raw edges are inside.  (Another way to say this is fold over 1/4" twice.)  Sew from the bottom of the hem to the top of the vent allowance.

Put the needle down and pivot the shirt.  Sew across the top of the vent, catching the seam toward the back.  

Put the needle down again and pivot the shirt to be able to sew back down the other side of the vent.  

That's it for the shirt version of the Parfait Polo pattern!  Give everything a good pressing, and you're set to wear the nicest polo shirt around! 

If you're sewing a dress version, we'll see you tomorrow for the final steps.

Grab the Parfait Polo pattern here in the shop.

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