Thursday, July 8, 2021

Designer Interview: Amanda of Deriving Mommyhood

 This designer interview is really fun because we're sitting down with Amanda of Deriving Mommyhood, and she was just on in the latest regular Season, so her memories are very fresh!

What was your favorite part of your experience on Project Run & Play?

Pushing myself to create my own unique looks rather than stick to the page. I learned lots of patterning techniques I never would have if not for competition!!

What would you have done differently on your Season if you could do it over?

Not stressed so much!!! And get started much earlier 🤣

Funny behind the scenes story?

I have almost another full week of looks that I didn’t use because I scrapped them for other ideas or I thought I could do better. Also week 1 was the only week I wasn’t on full lockdown, and so could leave my street for pics. I went to a local park and my youngest fell in mud ten minutes in and was a mess for the rest of the day (emotionally and physically 🤣) I ended up using her siblings for the following weeks. You can see muddy knees in the photo above!

What did you learn sewing skill-wise from your challenge?

How to make a blazer coat, how to calculate pleats, how to slash and spread patterns....

How did your family react/help during your experience?

They were very glad when it was over! ;)

Any make-it-work moments?

The yellow cape I did for the final week replaced my cape blazer that I didn’t use, and I made it hours before I took pics. It ended up being one of my favourites for the whole challenge.

Advice for future competitors?

Stick to what you love doing and enjoy every moment!

Did you have any ideas that totally bombed and you had to switch gears?

Yes yes yes!!! My oldest son was supposed to be in week 2. I finished his look but my daughter stole the bottoms. It just didn’t ‘work’ and I thought my younger sons look was far better alone.

Anything else you want to share?

I was ready to quit after my judging scores from week 1. I thought I had absolutely nailed it and loved everything I made and was beside myself when I scored in the bottom in every category!!

Can you share a photo shoot story or any photoshoot outtakes?

The entire country locked down for Covid the day after the week 2 shoot so there were no more last minute trips out for supplies or fun spots to take photos.....

And for week 4 I took photos on my street, and it was a capsule so there was lots of running in and out to change. The farmer was doing farmer things the whole time so I was able to awkwardly chat about cows with him as the pictures were pretty much right next to where he was working.

Thank you so much, Amanda!  Besides following along with Amanda at Deriving Mommyhood, you can be inspired by following her on Instagram too.

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