Friday, August 27, 2021

Season 25 Week 2 Results!

 Wow, are you inspired to create some texture in your sewing now or what??!!??!

The results have been tallied for the Week 2 Gimmie Some Texture theme, and the winner is:

not [di]stressed, just chillin' by Lakeisha from Sincerely, Shantelle

Here is what Olu of Needle and Ted and Made It Patterns, our celebrity guest judge had to say about her creations:


What a dude!
This incredibly cool streetwear inspired look, immediately captured my attention. Not one to scroll past, but one that demands a closer look. The distressed fabric Lakeisha used for the zip-up hoodie is the type of fabric most people would probably steer clear of, it’s a sewing nightmare with all the holes, you have to ensure the stitches have something to grab on to otherwise it would just fall apart. To use it you have to be either naive or fearless. I think Lakeisha must have been the latter, it takes skills to use that sort of fabric and get a good result, but it paid off because the hoodie looks fantastic.

You really do have to look close to see the all the great details Lakeisha used in her garments. That’s what makes her look a winner in my eyes. It’s all there but it’s not glaringly obvious or crammed full of texture for the sake of adding texture. Each piece can be mixed and matched with others, creating a really cohesive little collection. It works, makes sense, looks comfortable and has that urban edge that she was obviously going for.

I particularly like the black t-shirt with the pleated patch pocket and the stitched detail at the shoulder. I love that the texture was created here by cleverly using sewing techniques rather than using an already textured fabric
The black on black is subtle but that’s what gives it finesse.

The whole look is fun but with attitude and swagger, a look that would turn heads in the street. And combined with the location for the shoot, I think she has really embodied the whole streetwear vibe. Very well done Lakisha.

Sadly, only 4 designers get to continue on to Week 3, and that means we're saying goodbye to:

Marieke of Jong Design

Fortunately our sponsors are sending her home with some really nice prizes!  

She received a $75 pre-Season shopping spree from So Sew English!

AND she is receiving a $75 credit to spend at Peony Patterns!

AND she received a $50 pre-Season shopping spree from Minerva.

AND our friends at Love Notions are gifting her $50 certificate!

Plus she's part of the Project Run & Play family now, so expect to see more of her gorgeous work around here in the near future.

Are you sewing along?  Be sure to link up your creations on the sew along page for a chance to win some fantastic prizes.

See you next week for Week 3!

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