Friday, April 8, 2022

Season 26 Week 3 Results!

 The Week 3 scores are in, and by the closest margins we've ever seen, we have a winner!

French Patisserie by Southern Magnolia Designs

This is what Megan of Made for Mermaids, our celebrity guest judge had to say about this look:

#3- Southern Magnolia Design - French Patisserie
I loved your choice of macaroons. I think you nailed the concept with your designs and colors! I immediately got French macarons when I looked at your daughter's outfit. The pastels in the dress and neutrals of your son's outfit are beautiful. The beret and handbag were the perfect accessories. I also loved the location of your photo shoot with a bistro vibe. Great job on getting so many pieces completed!

We're so heart broken that we have to let one designer go home, but only 3 designers can proceed to the final week.  This week we're saying goodbye to:

Citrus Segment by Posh Pilar

Thankfully, our sponsors are helping us reward her for all her hard work!  She will be receiving:

$50 store credit from Love Notions

$100 gift certificate to spend at Peony Patterns!

Plus she already received:

$75 gift certificate to So Sew English Fabrics 


A $50 shopping spree from CaliFabrics

See you next week for some more Season 26 inspiration!!

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