Thursday, April 21, 2022

12 Patterns with UNIQUELY FUN Pleats

 We're so excited and inspired by the Season 26 themes that we have some more fun ideas for you today.  If you're looking for patterns loaded with unique ways to sew pleats, we've got 12 perfectly pleated patterns to get you started!  

Friday Dress - So many awesome details besides the pleats in this pattern!

D'Anjou Dress - This pattern has options to add pleats to the bodice, skirt and straps!

Hols Shirt - That traditional pleat in the back makes this one awesome shirt pattern.

Squared Away Dress & Tunic - Does it get better than a dress with pleats?  We don't think so!

Prose & Poetry Cargo Joggers and Skirt - It's the pleats on the pockets that give this pattern the cargo vibe!

Tip Top Tunic & Dress - Another one you need to sew just for the well as at the pleats!

Rosemary & Thyme Shirts - Box pleat or inverted pleat options, just choose a pleat!

Tilly Skirt - A modern take on a skirt with a fun pleated detail.

Super Tough Jeans - Those faux pleated knees mean durability!

Stoplight Skirt - Okay, technically not pleats, but the midi version of this skirt pattern has the most fun (almost) pleated detail!

Pudding Pants - There is an options for a pin tuck on the center front of the legs that elevates this pattern way above the rest!

Urban Jungle Dolls - Each of these 15 animals has ears that require a different, fun method of construction, usually involving a pleat!  (Okay we lied...the bird doesn't have ears.  But still amazing!)

What are your favorite kind of pleats to sew?  Try these unique pleats and level up your sewing skills game.  Because everything is prettier with pleats!

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