Tuesday, May 24, 2022

PA Country Crafts sews Project Jet Set

 We're so excited to be in Tokyo on Day 7 of our Project Jet Set journey!  There we discovered Lindsay from PA Country Crafts in the most beautiful flower garden.  We just HAD to know more about the gorgeous clothes her girls were wearing! 

For our Project Jet Set destination we are having a sushi picnic in Tokyo, Japan. These girls all love sushi and had a blast exploring the beautiful garden. 

My niece joined us for the picnic and her new Rimini Romper is perfect for her many cartwheels and backbends. 

I also sewed up a Sevilla Sleeveless Top using a clearance women's cami for the bottom (hooray for no hemming!) and a pair of Singapore Shorts with some hem adjustments to make the fit a bit more her style.

The Too Wild Dress has such a gorgeous back detail and was fitting for the garden.

These new Project Jet Set patterns have so many versatile options for wherever you are headed!

That's it for our fun visit to Tokyo!  We'll see you here again tomorrow when we share the next stop on our Project Jet Set journey.

P.S. Can't get enough of Tokyo?   Grab the Tokyo travel poster designs and get busy creating!

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