Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Jong Design sews Project Jet Set

 Today we are visiting the Netherlands after our beautiful day in Spain yesterday!  We have the absolute pleasure to spend the day with Marieke of Jong Design and her kids roaming the countryside.  After you read her thoughts about this, you'll start looking at your backyard much differently too!

Most people like to go on vacation to a different country and forget how beautiful their own country is. Let’s go on vacation in your own neighborhood and try to look at it if you are seeing your environment for the first time. The place my children and I went is 2 minutes away from our house  in the Netherlands and we are more often go there for a walk. I told my children we where going to pretend being tourists and they came up with the idea bringing their own camera and the binoculars. It was actually pretty special to see them changing and they where really looking forward to go for this walk- even when we left thousands and thousands of steps there already. We had a lot of fun, saw things we never noticed before and it was just beautiful. We are absolutely going to do this more often!

I sewed them all a garment that can be worn in daily life as well on vacation. The Reef Beach Rashie pattern isn’t only perfect for on the beach, it’s great for making tee’s and sweaters as well! Together with the Singapore Shorts, my sons are having a great new outfit. The Cruise Culottes I want to have myself as well; comfortable and made for playing or for going somewhere. They can be worn with a sweater or on warmer days with The Sevilla Top its just perfect.

When people think of the Netherlands they mostly thinking of Amsterdam, the mills, the wooden shoes and tall people. They aren’t wrong of course, but when you know about the diversity here: it’s so green and water is everywhere, the woods, the heathland, the shifting-sand and of course the ocean. The world is so beautiful.

That's is for our lovely day in the Netherlands.  Be sure to head over to Jong Design to check out more from this lovely countryside exploration!

We'll see you in a new location next...

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