Saturday, July 2, 2022

Intermediate Sewing Swim Lesson: Adding a Shelf Bra

 We're so honored to have Whitney from Sew Whit Designs back with us today sharing another swim tutorial!  In today's lesson we get to learn about adding a shelf bra.

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I tested the Sorbetto Swimsuit when it was first released with Project Smooth Sorbet and we've loved this pattern from the beginning. Ajaire's construction instructions are fabulous! Often times I cheat though, and only line the front of the suit with a shelf bra.

If you are in a spot where you are in a hurry, or you're short on lining here is a tutorial to add a quick shelf bra to any swim pattern.

Cut your bra pattern from the front of the suit pattern and measure down about 4 inches from the bottom of the armscye and cut straight across the bottom. (This line is actually marked in the Sorbetto Pattern)

Add a band of 1/2" elastic to the bottom, wrong side of the shelf bra. I pull the elastic slightly as I am sewing. Not tight just enough to give it some tension. I don't cut anything off. Just serge right next to the edge. You just want enough tension that this piece will hug the body when worn.

Layer your pieces in the following order…

Self Bra right side up, then back bodice right side up, and finally front bodice wrong side up.

Pin at your shoulder and side seams and serge.

Turn your top inside out and your seams will be enclosed at the shoulder seams and enclosed at the sides where your shelf bra is.

Continue with the pattern instructions adding your elastic at the neck and arms and hem. And there you have it.

This tutorial will work for any swim pattern or rashgaurds! This darling stripe is a retired print which will hopefully be added to the design library soon! Here is one that is pretty similar. The solid white and the peacock bottoms are all from Raspberry Creek Fabrics. They really do have the best swim around!

And once again Join me over on my Instagram where I giveaway a free swim pattern of your choice from the Project Run & Play Shop!

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