Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Vintage Striped Shirt Tutorial with SewWhit Designs

Want to make a cool vintage inspired striped tee? Whitney from SewWhit Designs is here to show us how to recreate this look.

I started with some White Jersey and this vertical striped print. My son wasn’t super keen on the pink so we decided to cut that stripe out.

I used my rotary blade and a plastic quilting ruler to help make straight cuts.

I also added a second yellow stripe that was thinner.

To help get the stripes straight and secure before sewing I used some fusible hem tape to fuse down before securing with pins.

Sew along the edge of the striped fabric using the inner edge of the presser foot as a guide.

After you’ve seen the stripes flip it to the back and trip any excess stripe off your pattern. Then sew up the rest of the shirt like normal.

For this shirt I used the Lemon Tee pattern, which is becoming a staple in my boys wardrobe! And in addition to the stripe I used the white Jersey and the Clay French Terry from Raspberry creek fabrics.

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