Monday, December 12, 2022

Pajama Party Fabric

 You can also order Pajama Party fabric!!!

We brainstormed several ideas for fabric to coordinate with the Pajama Party Collection and one of our ideas was preprinted sleep mask panels!

Project Run and Play Pajama Party

The masks are designed to coordinate with some of our existing fabric colorways...

Colorful sleep mask panels

...but we also have neutral colors available to match any pajamas.

white sleep mask panels

Another idea we made a reality are panels with coordinating sleep masks printed on the bottom. It is a good use of the extra fabric at the bottom of the panel. These will make adorable pajama sets!

pajama panels with eye masks

Project Run and Play Pajama Party

They would make really nice pillow covers too!

panels to sew pillows

We found our last batch of tags to be so handy that we created another set!

Project Run and Play tags

We also added a new peach rugby stripe for this collection!

Peach Rugby Stripe fabric

You can order your Pajama Party fabric HERE!

Project Run and Play fabric

Pajama Party Panels (neutral)
Pajama Party Panels (color)
Sleep Masks (neutral)
Sleep Masks (color)
Pajama Party Tags
Peach Rugby Stripe

Don't forget to get the Pajama Party pattern collection at this awesome price!

Project Run and Play Basics

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