Tuesday, January 3, 2023

Welcome to the Sew Your Stash party!!!

 Happy New Year!  Are you all resolutioned up?  Is one of your resolutions, like ours, to sew up more of your stash of patterns, fabric and sewing supplies?  If so, you're in luck because we're having a party and there are going to be prizes for dipping into your stash and using it!

Project Run & Play

For the whole month of January, we're going to have some amazing ideas, inspiration, and tutorials all aimed at helping us sew up some of that stash.  And in true Project Run & Play fashion, there will be PRIZES, COMMUNITY, CHALLENGES, SALES, THEMES and FUN!

Here are a couple of good reasons to sew your stash:

1.  It was precious enough for you to add to your stash...so use it!

2.  If you use it, you're making room for more...so use it! 😉

3.  Sometimes things go out of style after a while...so use it!

Later this week, we'll give you more details on the PRIZES.  For now, it's time to dig into your stash and see what you're going to use first!  

Project Run & Play

Oh, and be sure to follow us on Instagram because we're going to be sewing from our own stashes and giving each other (and the COMMUNITY!!) some stash CHALLENGES!

Are you in?!?!

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