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Season 27 Week 3: Life is the Bubbles

And now we're onto Week 3: Life is the Bubbles!!  The prompt is: It’s bubble week! Bubble sleeves, bubble skirt, puffer vest, pockets to hold bubbles, bubble print fabric… the world is your oyster! Show us your bubbles!

This week our guest judge is:

Sherri Herrera of Sofiona Designs

Sherri is a long time fan of Project Run and Play and designer alumni. It was her turn on PR&P that encouraged her to start her own design company, Sofiona Designs and she continues to give credit to this experience for encouraging a love for hacking patterns and pursuing designing for others.  It would be fair to say that Sofiona patterns are staple patterns for all of us on the PRP Team! 

Now let's get down to the bubbles!  Be sure to scroll to the end of the post for you opportunity to support TWO of the designers with your vote.

 Dominique of Made for Motti - Dancing Bubbles

Season 27 Week 3

I am so happy to still be in the competition and to be able to show you my week 3 creations. These are my favorite outfits so far! Today you will get to know my second son. When he was born, my daughter immediately fell in love with her baby brother. She had just celebrated her third birthday and was the most loving and caring big sister you can imagine. Since then the two have grown into a tight-knit team. They fight and love each other, learn from each other and are best friends for life. Most of the time they are like two dancing soap bubbles: bubbly, colorful and dazzling, always in motion. That’s why I wanted to sew bubbly outfits for my two little cuties.

Made for Motti Dancing Bubbles

For week three I wanted to work with woven fabrics. I found everything that I needed at Minerva, who was my Pre Season Sponsor. Thank you so much for your support! For my daughter I used a tufted cotton swiss dot fabric in a warm shade of red because the tufted threads reminded me of little bubbles. I designed a bubble skirt with a paperbag waist and added some straps. I did not use a  pattern for it but watched some “how to do it” videos on Youtube. For the top I used the “Jeune Twin Set” (Sewpony) pattern as a basis because I liked the vintage inspired tie collar so much. I modified the top and drafted puff sleeves to once again play with the bubble theme of the week. The top closes with buttons at the V-shaped back. I used an Art Gallery Fabric with soft dots (like dancing bubbles) for it. Last, but not least I drafted a bubbly beret to complete the outfit and added a bubble on top.

Life is the Bubbles

I realized that I wanted to continue the vintage look of my daughter’s outfit. For this reason I designed some vintage shorts for my son as well. I used my own pattern “Mottis Shorts” as a basis, but added width on the legs and the waist. This way I could add pleats to the front and gather the hems to get a puffy result. If you examine the pockets closely, you can see a (vegan) leather patch on which I drew little bubbles. To match my daughters’ outfit I added self-designed straps on the shorts as well. For his shirt I used the pattern “Benja” (My Fancywork), but again made some modifications. I sewed a stand up collar and shortened the continuous button placket to half to get a pullover shirt. To complete the vintage outfit I also sewed a hat for my son. It’s the flat cap “Konrad” from Zimtundzucker. The whole outfit is made out of linen from Minerva. I love how the natural materials and colors go with the coconut buttons that I used.
My two little ones had so much fun dancing with each other and playing with the soap bubbles. I hope you adore their outfits as much as I do <3

Made for Motti

  Shalayne of Lowland Kids - Bubble Gum Skater

Bubblegum Skater

For this week, I was inspired by my little girl. I generally keep things pretty simple but she always loves and appreciates the extra frills so she was the perfect muse for this week. For the top, I made her this adorable squared neck peplum with bubble sleeves. When I explained the top to her and how we were going to take pictures with it and do a bubble gum photoshoot she excitedly said “I am going to LOVE it!”. And she did. The pattern I used for the top was the Lowland Leo as a base but modified it a lot. 

Lowland Kids

For the bottoms I wanted to keep it simple so I did some biker shorts that have underwear sewn into them (it makes dressing and potty breaks so much faster and easier). The biker shorts also fits the skater girl theme. Pattern used is the free Lowland Ribbed Leggings, also modified. 

Project Run & Play

The top fabric I used is the amazing scarlet sage slub jersey and bottoms are the stone blue jersey both from Millie and Dot. My little loves rocking her new outfit and I hope it gives some inspiration for other sewists out there!

Project Run & Play x Lowland Kids

Uma of So She Sews - Pop Out

Thank you so much for all the votes. I am so excited to be here for the “Life is the Bubbles” week

So She Sews
Well, I admit  - I had to google it. Who knew Sebastian from Disney’s Little Mermaid actually said “Life is the Bubbles” - meaning everything is great . So with that in mind - I asked the kids to share the first three things that came to mind when they thought of Bubbles, and they came up with some great ideas: soap bubbles, bubble wrap and pop-it bubble fidgets. Using their suggestions as inspiration, I created the "Pop Out” collection, featuring bright happy colors - a deviation from what I normally would use (though I did manage to sneak in some neutrals).

Life is the Bubbles

For my daughter, I  created a bubble dress by drafting a short arched bodice and a double-layer bubble skirt from a saree I found in my local Buy Nothing Group. The lining of the skirt is 4.5” shorter than the main fabric to create a bubble effect, and the dress is secured on the top with a simple tie. We completed the look by decorating her slippers  with pom poms to mimic bubbles. My daughter lives in her parka five days a week. So for a layering piece, we added a puffer jacket/parka made of water resistant fabric (so it can be worn after a swim as well) as the outer layer and bubbled minky as the inner layer. I quilted the outer fabric and added some polyfill and batting - so that the puffer is warm and comfortable. To add a little fun play element to her parka I secured her fidget through a grommet on the pocket with a keychain holder.

Her accessory of choice is always a bag - so I try to challenge myself by using different fabrics/textures to get a unique look. She has wanted a library book bag that could possibly double up as her fidget carrier too. So I decided to make a bag out of bubble wrap. The bag is made out of 3 panels - the middle panel is a bubble wrap with some pom poms thrown in and the side panels are the remnants of the same saree her bubble dress came from. The entire bag is enclosed in vinyl - so that the bubble wrap does not pop when in use. I love how this bag looks - and never realized that bubble wrap could add such a cool texture.

Life is the Bubbles

For my son, I wanted to use the same fabrics - so as to give the collection a cohesive look. For his bottoms, I made him a pair of loose lined pants - with the outer quilted fabric and an inner jersey.  His bubble sweatshirt is self drafted and is made of the same bubbled minky as the inner lining of the puffer/ parka. The sides of his sweatshirt are rounded like a bubble with a little gray piping peeking through. His accessory of choice is a backpack to carry his trucks and fidgets. His backpack is made entirely with bubble wrap enclosed in vinyl. 

This week, I had so much fun visualizing living outside the bubble and popping out of my comfort zone.  Life is definitely the bubbles!

Follow me at instagram.com/so_she_sews to learn more about my Project Run And Play journey!

So She Sews x Project Run & Play


Emily of @team_orosco - Burst Your Bubble

Hey it’s Emily with @Team_Orosco! This weeks theme is FUN! The first thing that started stirring in my mind was bubble sleeves, bubble skirt, bubblegum, and bubbles! So why not merge it all together?! So here we have the “Burst your Bubble” collection!

Season 27 Week 3

For the first three designs I went with layered mesh skirts and three different bodice mashes designed to hopefully remind you of a fun and colorful bubblegum machine. 

 It wasn’t just for fun- my Daughter, Sofia’s Birthday is in three weeks and all she wanted was to match her sisters and have “bright pink party dresses” so this was the PERFECT theme to create Birthday dresses to remember! I used the prettiest jersey and Rib knit from Little Rhody fabric, and  bodices from Boo and Lu to make them all fun and unique!

My littlest Millie is wearing a mash of arrowood and lilac bodice, with an 8 layer mesh skirt. I lined all of the mesh skirts with soft Jersey so that it would be extra comfy on their skin as I have a sensory kiddo.

Life is the Bubbles

My middle girl Lucia is wearing an Opal bodice mashed with the same 8 layer mesh skirt! This cross front bodice was perfect for adding the tulle skirt as it just gave it a little something extra. 

My  oldest Sofia is wearing a modified starling bodice! I may have a few hot glue burns from the several hundred poms, but it was so worth it!

Life is the Bubbles

For the last look, I wanted to try to design my own pattern! I YouTubed how to make a bubble/balloon style skirt and went to town on Millie’s look! She is wearing bullet and mesh from Fabric and flow. I used 5 yards of mesh to create the skirt. For the bodice I used the sleeves from Peony Patterns Nettle, and designed the rest. I cinched the front, and added binding for a little something extra! This outfit matches Millie’s sass 100%!

The girls LOVED matching and it will be a party to remember! This theme made me appreciate that they are still little, we had a blast taking these photos. I hope you enjoyed these looks and thought about the fun careless times of being a kid. Flat lays are not my expertise- but feel free to follow along and check out more photos and fun reels on IG @team_orosco

Project Run & Play x @team_orosco

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