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Season 27 Week 4: Signature Style

 And now we're onto Week 4: Signature Style!!  The prompt is: Design a look that best represents your own unique style, taste, and sewing skills.

This week our guest judge is:

Nephi Garcia of Designer Daddy

If you're into cosplay, you've definitely heard of Nephi Garcia! He's a Filipino powerhouse, tearing up Instagram with jaw dropping ballgowns for his wife and the viral transformation dress for his daughter.  He designs custom couture gowns, runs a local candy shop and is launching a line of fairytale wedding dresses that are  making every princess fan weak in the knees! 

Now let's get down to the Signature Style!  Be sure to scroll to the end of the post for you opportunity to support the designers with your vote.

A Whole New World - So She Sews

I am so thrilled to make the final two! Thank you for all the love. I couldn’t have done it without your support!

Project Run & Play

India’s first prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru once said, “The history of India may well be written with textile as its leading motif.” Indian fabrics are known for their colorful hues and embellished details. My designs today use the wonderful colored fabrics from back home with an attempt to incorporate Indian styles into everyday wear.

My first sewing garment was approximately 7 years back, when my then 3 year old daughter was obsessed with volcanoes. For Halloween that year I transformed a room darkening curtain into a volcano.  As I sat down wondering what I should sew for my signature style, I looked at my now 11 year old - who loves to play dress up with my Indian clothes - and wondered if I should create a play outfit that could be practical enough in her new tween world. 

Project Run & Play x So She Sews

This is how our Indian inspired “Princess Jasmine” outfit was born. In India, “salwar kameez'' (tunic/pant set) is a quintessential everyday wear. I used Cruise Culottes as my base pattern for my salwar (pants) for Ms.11. They were modified to add box pleats, an additional side panel and pearl buttons at the bottom. I used my mom’s cotton-silk saree to make her pants.  Her short crop top is self drafted to fit the beautiful silk panel that I had in my stash. The rest of the top is made with cotton gauze. The top is fully lined – comfort being the main factor in this design. Ms.11 is in love with this embellished crop top and has already worn it with jean shorts and ruffle skirts. The salwar pants have also been worn around for lounging with the patchwork crop tee (Created in Week 2 for  “Dressed to the 90’s”) as well with the crop sweatshirt (created in Week 1 for “I can buy myself flowers”). 

Mr.4 is a born photobomber – I knew I had to make him something as well. His look is inspired by the “kurta pajama” (tunic-pant) that most Indian men wear on a regular basis. The base pattern for the cotton gauze pajama pants (same fabric as Ms.11’s top)  pants is the Cargo Pants from Lowland Kids. It has been modified to add some more width to the pants, so that it matches with Ms.11’s salwar pants. These pants are perfect for summer – it is so versatile and looks lovely with the patch tee and the bucket hat (both created in week 2 - for “Dressed to the 90’s”).  His kurta (tunic top) is made from a South Indian staple, Veshti (a cotton gauze cloth lined with a golden/red border). The front panel has piping (made from bandhani fabric) and has sleeve tabs to shorten the long sleeve. 

Season 27 Week 4

For our next look for Ms.11, I decided to create Indian fusion wear out of a bandhani dupatta (a shawl used with the salwar kameez). The base pattern for the romper is Viola from Violette Thread Fields. It is modified for tween sizing by adding additional inseam and removable straps. In addition, the bodice was modified to add the beautiful mirror work panel (this was repurposed from one of my favorite Ms.11’s baby clothing 🙂) and additional elastic support on the back. 

For a layering piece, I worked on an unlined shirt jacket – the base pattern being Kids Shirt Jacket from Peekaboo. It is modified to be a crop with elastic at the bottom. The sleeves were a discard from week 3 (Bubble Week) and repurposed for this jacket.  The jacket is made from the same fabric as Mr.4’s kurta top. The sleeve cuffs and the back panel for the shirt jacket are made from the jari work in my mom’s saree. This layering piece is amazing and can be worn with practically anything.

We also made a potli bag - from a georgette scrap to tie everything up. This bag is perfect to carry small stuff - a sanitizer and chapstick.

We have enjoyed creating this Indian fusion look! Please visit my Instagram to see behind-the-scenes photos and to read more about what I made this week.

Project Run & Play Week 4

From Old to Gold - Made for Motti

Project Run & Play Signature Style

What is my Signature Style? I try to consume consciously in every area of life. Sustainability is very important to me. That’s why I only sew what my children really need and wear. We prefer simple, unobtrusive clothes with love for details. I usually make sure that the fabrics are made of natural materials and do not contain any poly. I love earth tones and an aesthetic overall result. Nevertheless, I always include the wishes of my children (we have a lot of Frozen pajamas for example :)).

After having such great fabric sponsors in weeks 1-3, I wanted to face a special challenge for week four: Sewing three matching outfits while only using old clothes. Reduce, reuse, recycle! Because that’s the epitome of sustainability and how I started sewing many years ago. I regularly collect old clothes for this purpose and found some pants and shirts in my collection, which matched my preferred color scheme perfectly.

Made for Motti Signature Style

It was like a broad hint that the materials for the backpack I bought two years ago and never processed, matched the chosen colors so well. So I decided to finally sew the backpack for my son. I used the pattern “Der andere Rucksack” (a free pattern by Mein-anderes-Ich), but added some (zip) pockets on the inside, changed the strap attachment and reinforced the back with quilting. The outer part is made of dry oilskin, for the inner part I chose canvas. The straps are made from cotton webbing. Since two of my children do not have average measurements, the right fit is always an issue for us. My oldest son is very skinny and cannot wear any off the rack pants. That’s why I have been sewing his denim pants since when he was two years old. I designed a pattern where the pants can be adjusted exactly to the child's measurements and published it as a pdf pattern. It is named “Mottis Jeans” and is the most popular of my patterns. Of course I used this pattern for my boys’ signature outfits, but made some modifications. For my oldest son I added self constructed cargo pockets on both sides. He is so happy about his new pants, because he loves the color purple so much. Thanks to my follower, who some weeks ago sent us her purple pants (which had holes at the inside leg) to upcycle it! You probably know how fast the knee area of toddler pants is getting destroyed. That’s why I reinforced the pants of my youngest son with some additional pintucks (two fabric layers over the knees). Both boys got a matching color blocking shirt, made out of four old shirts, which were once discarded by my family. I used the pattern “Raglanshirt” (Klimperklein), divided it into different sections for the blocking and added a self designed breast pocket on the smaller one. For my youngest child I sewed a pair of sandals as well. It is made of leather scraps, which once were sent to me by another follower. I had no pattern for it and only used the measurements of his feet as a guide (had to try them on him again and again). I have already sewn other barefoot shoes before and had some leftovers for the rubber sole. I love how the sandals turned out!

Project Run & Play x Made for Motti

My daughter has very short arms and a small head due to her disability. I have to adjust every hat and top for her. I know that for many people with down syndrome (children and adults) it is very difficult to find suitable clothes. It’s a huge advantage for us that I can sew everything she needs myself. I took an old muslin bedding to make her a new dress. I once again used one of my own patterns. The upper part of the dress is “Miss Mottis Kleid”, but I shortened it so that I could add an additional skirt panel. The dress is closed with coconut buttons at its back (urgently had to add coconut buttons somewhere, because they really belong to my signature style!). 

I'm very happy that the sun came out this weekend, because most of the time it’s still pretty cool in Germany. So we actually didn’t need the cardigan I sewed for her to complete her outfit. She put it on for one photo anyway. It's my pattern “Mottis Cardigan” with rounded corners and an additional volant at the neckline. If you want to see how the old clothes looked before, come over to my Instagram Page!

I am so proud of myself that I’ve made it so far in this competition. But to be honest I am a bit exhausted as well 😄 How do you like my last creations? 

Project Run & Play signature style

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