Monday, April 24, 2023

Our Favorite Past Signature Styles


Each season, the challenge for the final week of competition is "Signature Style" where the designer can showcase what best defines their own personal talents and taste. There have been so many amazing designs over the years that we wanted to share a few to refresh your memory!

Whitney of Sew Whit Designs and the Project Run and Play Team, sews incredible family Halloween costumes each year! These Star Wars costumes were absolutely amazing!!!

Katie of Made by Kates sewed a beautiful summer capsule wardrobe! You can definitely get a feel for her aesthetic in these clothes.

Kari of That's Sew Kari always has such a fun, fresh look and her signature style definitely reflected that vibe!

Abigail of The Sewn Edge was inspired by an architect when she created this fantastic look!

Kelly of Sew a Little Seam made a classic look that is timeless and loved by all!

Frances Suzanne put their heart into every singe week, and their Signature Style look was no exception!

Another Project Run and Play team member, Jenny of Made of Starlite, is all about ruffles, fancy fabrics, purple-pink-teal color schemes, and princesses!

Tami of SewSophieLynn combines modern and classic perfectly in her sewing!

Tami of SewSophieLynn Signature Style

Lindsay from PACountryCrafts and the Project Run and Play team began sewing to create Easter dresses for her daughters so her finale was one last Easter dress for her oldest daughter and a charm bracelet made from the scraps of each dress she sewed over the years.

Lindsay of PACountryCrafts Signature Style

Often times we hear designer say Signature Style was the week they dreaded most and ended up loving the best!

We can't wait to share the Season 27 designers Signature Style makes tomorrow...

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