Friday, May 26, 2023

Project Under the Sea with Made of Starlite

Jenny, from Made of Starlite on Instagram, made these adorable outfits for her little boys using fabric from the Project Under the Sea line, available for custom printing at Raspberry Creek Fabrics! Check out how cute!!

It was an absolute joy to design the fabric collection for Project Under the Sea!! I had too many ideas, and of course the kids went bananas coming up with ideas for the panels, so it was impossible to choose which prints to use in my looks for the lookbook! Spoiler alert: I DIDN'T choose, I just ended ordering one of everything 😆 So expect to see Project Under the Sea fabric all summer long on my feed!

Because I was interested in playing with placement of the designs for these panels, I ended up having to be creative in how I cut out the front and back piece for these Explorer Raglans

What worked was overlapping the pattern pieces the amount of the seam allowance and taping them together. (By the way, if you use a projector, I HIGHLY advise the use of tracing paper when you are making significant changes to pdf patterns. By "significant", I mean anything more than just blending between sizes. You'll thank me, I promise!) This change necessitated a slight change in construction as well, just sewing the underarm seam of the sleeve together and then attaching it in the round. Which kind of defeats the whole purpose of sewing a raglan (hello ALL straight seams!) but it eliminated the side seam on the shirts so that the graphic could wrap around the side of the shirt! I keep seeing these oversized, wrap around graphics at chain stores, and I just kind of love them. 

Since kid clothes (especially toddlers!) use so little fabric, we designed several full yard sets that give you a panel with several coordinating prints! I ordered these two on French Terry, and along with a half yard of Crabby on boardshort fabric, and made all three outfits with enough leftover for a pullover for the 6-year-old and a fourth tee/shorts set for my toddler! It definitely helps soften the blow of custom printing prices when I feel like I get so much value for the money.

For my older boy's second shorts, I experimented with the Zealand Zip-Offs by making them with French Terry rather than a woven fabric. I'm happy to report that it worked great! My son is super into "comfy pants" and both pairs passed the comfy test.


Project Under the Sea

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