Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Project Under the Sea with Janelle Sews

Janelle sewed so many amazing things from the Project Under the Sea collection and even did some pattern hacking! Prepare to be amazed!!!

I love the new Project Under the Sea collection from Project Run and Play, and I went a little nuts sewing lots of things!  Although to be perfectly honest I wanted to sew so many more.

Pike Swimsuit
My daughter chose the Pike swimsuit view C which has a crazy amount of pattern pieces, all of which needed blending! But it was well worth the effort for such a well fitting pair of bathers.  Also great for using up swim fabric scraps.  She loves the vintage style leg openings and I love the fit.

Jellyfish Panel Pike Swimsuit

She loved it so much she requested another one, but I made a couple of small changes.  She wanted crossover straps and a small back cutout (which isn’t perfect, but by Summer she will probably have grown in height to make it fit better.)  I also removed the waist seam to show off this amazing jellyfish panel.

Minnow Swimsuit

My other daughter requested a Minnow swimsuit, and we used this ocean fabric from my stash.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t stretch in both directions, which I didn’t realise until she tried it on.  But she loves it so much she wears it anyway.  It’s just harder to take on and off!  Please take note of my very on-theme fishtail braid!
2 Piece Minnow Swimsuit

She loved it so much I also made her a 2 piece Minnow with proper swim fabric!  This one is much easier to get on and off!  I love these colours together.

Calliandra as Swim pattern

I love the style lines of the Caliandra dress, although that style of dress isn’t something that appeals to my kids.  So I turned the bodice into a bikini top.  Paired with a pair of Pike bottoms, with a slightly lower rise, as requested.

Seaside Shorts Sewing Pattern

We liked that so much I made another!  Paired here with a pair of Seaside Shorts.  I love the pocket detail of the Seaside shorts with those buttons.  I actively avoid any hand sewing, including sewing on buttons, which goes to show how much I loved the style of these shorts.

Girls shorts pattern from Project Run and Play
zI liked them so much I made another pair.

Baja Breeze Quarter Zip

And another 2 pairs, but they are kinda hidden under this Baja Breeze ¼ Zip Pullover.  I modified it slightly to create a yoke, like a store bought jumper my older daughter loves.  However, it’s a bit short in the sleeve length, so it will probably go to my younger daughter fairly soon.  We added a whale tail charm to the zip pull.

Ocean Friends Softies pattern

My eldest joined in the fun and made this turtle from the Ocean Friends Bundle 2 almost all by herself.  She is also making a baby turtle, but it’s not quite finished yet.  Such a proud Mum moment!

Girls swimwear from Janelle Sews

 I know I sewed a heap of things but I wanted to sew more!  I was hoping to pair these crop tops with a pair of Rocky Shore Tights and a Morgana crop hoodie for the perfect acro class attire.  I also had lots of other ideas but unfortunately couldn’t get to them all.  I have been ridiculously inspired by the creations I have seen on the blog in the last few weeks, and my “to sew” list is growing!

Project Under the Sea

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