Friday, June 2, 2023

Project Under the Sea with Sincerely, Shantelle

This collection is so much FUN and Lakeisha's kids are having a blast in their new Project Under the Sea clothes! We are so excited to finish out the week with Sincerely, Shantelle!

Sincerely, Shantelle Project Under the Sea

I was so excited to get into this project after a long streak of no-fun-sewing!” To jump start this collection, the kiddos needed new swimsuits. I went to the PRP design page at Raspberry Creek Fabrics and let me kiddos pick their fav swim/boardshort prints. They both chose many of the same prints, so they got coordinating swimsuits with some of our (now) favorite swim patterns.

Minnow Swimsuit Sewing Pattern

Minnow Swimsuit Back Detail

Boys Swim Patterns

I then shifted my focus to my sweet girl, to celebrate her while sewing, and also found some new favs to add to our pattern library, as well as experimented with some cool fabric. Check out my blog for all the fabric and pattern details, including how I hacked the Reef Top into a dress!

Lagoon Top with Long Sleeves

Reef Top to Dress

WOW! These are all amazing!!! That dress needs to come in adult sizes! Don't forget to head to her blog for more!

Raspberry Creek Fabrics

Project Under the Sea Pattern Collection

You can get all of the Project Under the Sea patterns HERE!

The blog tour continues next week! Stay tuned...

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