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Lagoon Pattern Versions

 Today we get to show you a whole bunch of versions for the Lagoon pattern that have been sewn!  This week we're shining the spotlight on the Lagoon Top, Dress & Skirt pattern.  Be sure to check back all week long for tons of Lagoon fun.

Lagoon Top, Dress and Skirt Sewing Pattern

Lagoon began as simply a mermaid tail, but the ideas just kept flowing! We ended up with 7 different sleeve and skirt pattern options, which is conveniently the number of Triton's daughters! We didn't know there was going to be a change in the new movie, so they are named after the cartoon version mermaids.

Attina - short puff sleeves
Alana - elbow length puff sleeves
Aquatta - long puff sleeves
Atilla - fishtail skirt
Andrina - bubble skirt
Arista - tulle overlay skirt
Ariel - mermaid tail

The tops can be made with a curved bottom hem or a banded crop top. The skirts can be made alone or added to one of the tops for a dress. There is also an optional neckline ruffle for extra frills! (More on that later this week!)

Let's take a look at some of the options we sewed:

Lindsay sewed Lagoon tops with all three sleeve options in her "land" girls outfits. You can see how the short sleeve has a cute little puff, the elbow sleeve is made to turn the cuffs under, and the long sleeve is meant to be extra long and billowy.

Here is a look at all of the skirt options in pinks by Audrey plus a mermaid tail from Lindsay! The  Atilla fishtail skirt has a full circle skirt with a high low hem that is perfect for twirling! The Andrina bubble skirt has just the right amount of "poof" to complement the sleeves! Little girls just feel super fancy in a tulle overlay skirt and Arista is the perfect option! Of course, with this Ariel mermaid tail, "Wouldn't you think our collection's complete?" (Haha! Please don't block us for that one!)

Now that we covered all of the options, let's look at some of the Lagoons sewed by our testers and Project Under the Sea Blog Tour designers!

Lagoon tulle overlay dress

Liesel sewed a short sleeve Lagoon dress with the tulle overlay option on the skirt.

Project Under the Sea Lagoon pattern

Fiona also sewed a short sleeve Lagoon Dress with tulle overlay.

Susana sewed a stunning Lagoon dress with short sleeves and a fishtail hem.  Her daughter is showing off the full circle component!

Lagoon sewing pattern

Carol sewed a Lagoon top - cropped version - with short sleeves, and the fishtail hem skirt.  So pretty!

Lakeisha sewed a long sleeve top for her daughter. We just love those statement sleeves!

Lagoon mermaid dress

Carmen sewed a short sleeve Lagoon Dress with tulle overlay. Her fabric is so perfect! Note how the cute mermaid print still shows through the tulle overlay.

Lindsay sewed a couple of Lagoons! On the left is a long sleeve top in a sweater knit and on bottom is the mermaid tail skirt version.  On the right is the tulle overlay dress version with short sleeves.  

As we mentioned earlier, the basis of the entire pattern was the mermaid tail, so we will end with a few of those, focusing on some fabric choices.

Lindsay sewed mermaid tails for all five girls in her photo shoot using athletic knit fabric. With the four way stretch of the fabric they could be cut across the grain so less fabric was needed. For the fins, some used one layer of tulle, but two layers in different colors turned out much better.

Audrey sewed a tail using flip sequin fabric!!!

Femke for Project Under the Sea

Femke sewed a short sleeve Lagoon top with ruffle neckline and a mermaid tail skirt. Her tail was made from purple lame and the fins used organza fabric.

Jenny went all out on these stunning mermaid tails! She used absolutely gorgeous fabrics! The fins use layers of tulle and organza. We have to tell you more about them tomorrow too!

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Lagoon Top, Dress & Skirt pattern

This pattern is from Project Under the Sea pattern collection. Project Under the Sea fabric can be found here.

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