Friday, July 21, 2023

Ocean Friends - Axolotl, Mermaid, Sea Witch

Our final Ocean Friends bundle includes Luke Axolotl, Loni Mermaid, and Lainey Sea Witch. These patterns are slightly more advanced than the previous bundles, so we kept them to one size option. 

axolotl sewing pattern

Axolotls are definitely having a pop culture moment so this pattern is very popular! Emily's daughters loved them so much that she had to make one for each of them! The pattern has quilted lines in the tail which yield different looks depending on the thickness of the fabric used. The gills (thingies sticking out from the head which I had to google!) can be made from fraying or non-fraying fabrics. The face can be stitched on with thread and buttons, drawn on with a fabric marker, or created with heat transfer vinyl and the digital files faces provided. 

mermaid doll

Loni Mermaid is perfect for creating "doll an me" looks! Just use the Ariel tail from the Lagoon pattern and turn the scraps into a matching mermaid doll. Femke did a great job with hers and the purple lame tail really turned out cute!

the little mermaid doll sewing patterns

Finally, we have the Lainey Sea Witch. Lindsay used corduroy scraps for the skin and hand embroidered the face. The hair is made from interfaced double gauze fabric. Oh, and this one can actually sit on the floor because of the tentacles. 

Thank you for coming along on our Project Under the Sea Deep Dive these past few weeks! Next week we are excited to be moving on to something new! We can't wait to share the details with all of you!

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