Wednesday, July 19, 2023

Ocean Friends - Turtle, Crab, Sting Ray

This Ocean Friends Softies bundle contains Bryce Stingray, Bruce Crab, and Bryan Turtle. Each of these comes in three different sizes, in addition to the play mat size. The construction method is similar but again the  difficulty increases slightly with each pattern. 

The Bryce Sting Ray is the simplest pattern. The pectoral fins have stitched quilting line to give them a more realistic shape. Carol made these small and medium sting rays with bamboo toweling underneath tweed fabric.

The Bruce Crab is very cute with stubby legs and oversized claws. Liesel made this crab in cotton fabric.

Lindsay sewed this crab with french terry fabric, using the looped side out for the claws and legs.

The Bryan Sea Turtle pattern comes with digital files if you want to use iron on vinyl for the shell. The quilted shell gives a really great texture, though! Audrey sewed her turtle with a cotton batik sea turtle print fabric and even recorded a video of the process!

Ocean Friends Bundle 2

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