Thursday, August 3, 2023

25+ Things to Sew for Back to School

From accessories to school supplies, we rounded up more than 25 sewing projects for back to school! Just click on the link or the image to go see more about each one.

Oh, and before we get started, we just want to remind you that every pattern in the shop is 20% off with the code BTS2023 (excluding collections) until midnight Eastern 8/11.

Delia has a great tutorial for sewing suspenders!

These sailor bows make a really cute accessory too! Get the tutorial HERE.

It is going to start getting colder and beanies are so trendy right now! Get the Bookish Beanie in the Project Run and Play Shop!

The Ichigo Bomber Jacket is another great layering piece for kids!

How about an Elm Rain Poncho for those rainy days at the bus stop?

If you are looking for speed sewing, the Easel Tee is super fast!

You can whip up a bunch of leggings in no time too! Rocky Shore Tights are incredibly fast, but you can add some of their cute detail options if you are feeling ambitious, too.

Abby's Trailblazing Socks are another fast sew and can take an outfit up a notch too! Plus, if you sew the seams on the outside they are perfect for kids with sensory issues!

Here is one for the older kids- add a little extra protection to their school issued devices! Emily from Life Sew Savory has a really nice tutorial for a laptop sleeve!

Does anyone else find themselves scrambling to find the right cords? These cord keepers by Melly Sews are a great idea!

Another handy tech accessory that you can sew is this cute earbud pouch! Dog Under My Desk has a really good tutorial for these!

Let the kids raid your scrap basket! These bookmarks by Quilters Candy would be such a fast sew!

Did you know that we have a FREE Book Bag pattern in the shop? This one is just so handy for carrying anything you might need for school AND it is great for groceries or everyday stuff too!

Last year we also featured a tutorial for sewing a patch on the Book Bag. 

We used our Back to School Digital Designs which are free to newsletter subscribers!

We also have FREE printable First Day of School Posters.

Did you see the new lunch bag that we added to the PRP shop? The Going to Lunch Bag is such a fast sew that you can make a few to rotate and keep washing the ones that get jelly smeared all over the inside!

Does lunch money get lost? This adorable fox coin pouch is from Sew Simple Home.

These reusable snack bags are such a great way to eliminate plastic waste! Get the free pattern from Coral + Co.

Since we are being eco-friendly, how about a sandwich wrap? Sisters, What! has a great tutorial!

A lot of schools have transitioned from water fountains to water bottle filling stations, which is actually a pretty great thing if you have ever seen little kids using a water fountain! Keep those water bottles handy with this adorable color blocked water bottle holder from Gluesticks!

Kids go through an awful lot of tissues in school and these cute little pocket tissue holders will keep them from getting lost and crusty in their desk or backpack! Get the tutorial from Two Brown Birds.

The Van Gogh Bag is your ultimate art supply tote! It can be made with outer pockets to hold crayons or pencils. The interior pocket is large enough to hold full size tablets or sketch pads. This can have one or two adjustable straps to be used as a shoulder bag, crossbody bag, or backpack.

The Pointillism Pencil Pouch is perfect for crayons, markers, and, of course, pencils! This bag is also sturdy enough to stand on its own so that it can sit on a desk and hold writing instruments for easy access.

Older kids need to keep their school supplies handy but can't always carry a backpack between classes. This binder pouch from The Cottage Mama will keep them well stocked!

Or try this one from Stef at The Girl Inspired! The pencils are handy on the outside and the rest of your stuff can go in the pouch!

Do you want book covers that will actually last the school year? Supermom No Cape has a really great tutorial for sewing them from fabric!

Of course we also have to recommend the new (to the PRP shop) Jack Backpack!

Don't forget that every pattern in the shop is 20% off with the code BTS2023 (excluding collections) until midnight Eastern 8/11.

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25 Things to Sew for Back to School

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