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Book Bag Patch Tutorial


Project Run and Play Back to School Series

If you are sending your kids back to school the teachers often request a few items to help stock the classroom. They always need tissues and Clorox wipes!!! So why not whip up a quick Book Bag to send them in!?!?

Project Run and Play Book Bag

School Supplies Tote Bag

Send classroom supplies in a DIY school tote bag!

This was actually my very first time using Cricut Iron On and I only had dark fabric, so I decided to test the waters with a patch on the front of the bag. The frayed edge patches are very trendy lately and I love how it turned out! I actually got a little carried away and made three of them!

Back to School Book Bags from Project Run and Play

One Smart Cookie Iron on Vinyl svg

School Rules Tote Bag

Book Bag Patch Tutorial

Cut a piece of light colored canvas or other heavyweight fabric to the desired size. I started with an 8" x 10" rectangle. You can decorate it with an iron on digital design or create a unique background.

Project Run and Play Book Bag Patch Tutorial

For the stitched lined paper patch:

Sew a horizontal light blue line of stitching one inch from the top edge of the fabric.

How to sew lined paper

Stitch another blue line 3/8" from the first line.

Sew blue lines on white fabric to create a paper design

Repeat until you get to the bottom of the fabric. The fabric may shift, so square up the edges and trim the loose threads with a rotary cutter as needed.

Trim the edges of the book bag patch

Stitch blue lines on white fabric to make faux paper

Sew a vertical line of red stitching one inch from the left edge of the fabric.

How to make lined paper fabric

Add iron on vinyl to the patch.

Cricut Everyday Iron On Vinyl

School Themed Iron On

To attach the patch to the bag:

Apply washable glue stick to the back of the patch and center it on the front of the bag, pressing and smoothing it in place. 

Use a washable glue stick to hold fabric for stitching

Use a glue stick to hold fabric for sewing

Project Run and Play Book Bag patch tutorial

Stitch 1/8" from the edge around the patch, pivoting at the corners. 

How to stitch patches onto bags

Stitch around the patch again 1/8" from the first line of stitching towards the inside.

Project Run and Play frayed edge patch tutorial

Pull out the loose threads on the edges to create a frayed effect.

How to fray the edges of a fabric patch

Trendy frayed edge patch

Use Project Run and Play digital files to make a cute tote bag

Sew the Book Bag as per the pattern instructions.

Is it time for RECESS yet? Tote Bag

I think they turned out really cute! You can get the Back to School Digital Designs in the shop and there are plenty of different elements to create tons of cute, original bags!

Project Run and Play Back to School Digital Designs

Don't forget to get your free printable first day of school posters from the shop, too!

Free printable 1st day of school signs

In case you missed it, last week we also had a tutorial round-up for different ways to use digital designs in your children's sewing projects! Click HERE to learn more!

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