Monday, August 21, 2023

Mini Season 3: Round 1 Designers

Are you ready for the first round of Mini Season 3? We can't wait to see what our designers have made! 

Round 1 Designers

Today we have our official introductions for Round 1. Please make sure to follow these talented ladies to see all of the awesome things they create!

In this corner we have Kelly from Season 23!

Kelly of Sew a Little Seam

Hi, everyone! I’m Kelly from Sew a Little Seam and I’m so excited to be a part of Project Run & Play! My sewing journey started when I was little and I would sit and watch my mom sew my Halloween costumes or dresses. I started sewing when my son was a toddler, and after my daughter was born my passion for it really took off. I started Sew a Little Seam in 2015 and released my first pattern, the Ollie Bomber Jacket, a year later. I have so much fun creating for myself and my family, and seeing others create with my patterns is such an amazing feeling! 

When I'm not sewing I love camping with my family. Living in the Northeastern U.S., we can be in the mountains or at the ocean in just a short drive. I also enjoy horseback riding, although I don't ride as often as I used to. My horse enjoys a more leisurely life of taking my kids around the ring now.

You can find my patterns and blog at
The Sew a Little Facebook Group is
You can see what I’m sewing at

In the next corner we have Lakeisha from Season 25!


Hi y’all! I’m sew excited to be back for this mini season of PRP! For those who don’t know me yet, I’m Lakeisha. I’ve been sewing for my husband, myself, and our two kids (7 & 14) since 2017 and experimenting with pattern work off and on throughout.  I always enjoy making clothing that reflects who they are (and what they like) in the moment. I spent many years pattern testing and strike-off sewing, then decided to get more serious in my endeavors, so I enrolled in a community college fashion design program in the fall of 2021 to pursue an associates degree in technical apparel (which I am still currently attending). This takes up a lot of my time these days, but I still love sewing for fun, nonetheless. I look forward to showing y’all what I’ve created this season and can’t wait to see the inspiring designs of the other creators!

You can find me (sorta) blogging at:

Sewing and a little life at :

Come back tomorrow to see what each of them have created and cast your vote!

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