Thursday, September 14, 2023

Kids Fashion Trends - Eras, Neutrals, Muted Safari

Current fashion trends have such a wide range of aesthetics lately! We love seeing so much diversity and appreciate a multitude of style options! 

You can use any of our "Copy that Look" inspiration to enter the Mini Season 3 Sewalong! Get the details HERE!

Taylor Swift's Eras Tour outfits have been incredible, but her fans are also dressing to impress! From sparkles to tulle to beaded bracelets to bedazzled bags, these enchanted trends are a love story from your wildest dreams! You can create a dazzling look with Minerva Fabrics that will leave them speechless!

If you need to calm down, try this trend... sad beige! Neutral color schemes in soft, natural fibers have a soothing aesthetic and never clash in pictures for your Instagram grid. Riverside Fabrics has a wonderful selection for this trend!

Carrying over from nursery d├ęcor, a very popular trend for young children is safari themed clothing in muted color hues. Millie and Dot has an amazing selection for you to #copythelook!

Do you think any of these trends will help you to Copy that Look?

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