Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Project Night and Day with It's Liesel

Well, my sunrise/sunset inspiration maybe didn't translate as well as I hoped, but it might be because of all the snow we had...it just feels like winter clothes. Haha! But check out the awesome fabric anyway! I was going for sunrise, with the sky blue and white double brushed poly Starlite Dress, with a sunny Little Dipper Bag. I absolutely love how full the skirt is, and my daughter does too!

I printed the Little Dipper bag at 80% scale, since my daughter is just newly 3, and I thought the regular size would be too big for her. It turned out great! 

A red sunset was my other inspiration. The fabric is a 100% cotton French terry. I'm always a fan of a substantial French terry, and this one is SO GOOD. I used a black cotton spandex French terry for the side strips. 

The top is a George Hoodie, and the pants are the new Planetary Pants from the Project Night and Day collection. Now that I've made one pair, my 9 and 11 year old boys also are requesting their own pairs :) I should have taken his measurements instead of guessing, because they're a little big, but better too big than too small. He will grow into them!

Starlite Dress

Planetary Pants

Little Dipper Bag

George Hoodie

Just a few more people will be heading to the blog with Project Night and Day inspiration, but they're going to be gooood, so don't forget to check back!

PNDBOGO code is still active to give you a free PRP brand accessory pattern with a $10 purchase, so grab a couple new ones, and make something fun!

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