Thursday, November 2, 2023

Verdant Windbreaker & Daybreak Belt Bag

These next two patterns are so amazing!

Verdant Windbreaker

The Verdant Windbreaker is a pattern for either a windbreaker or sweatshirt with a dramatic hood for extra warmth and comfort, but the drama doesn't have to end there. The oversized dropped shoulder leads to a subtle curved center front, back, and lower panels which are perfect for colorblocking. The sleeve and bottom hems are finished with elastic to create a slight bubble effect. There are four views, sized from 12 months through 16 years. 

The windbreaker views A and B are fully lined and have two front pockets. The first is a center front drop in zipper pocket that is concealed with a flap. A cool feature is that if you use a reversible zipper, the pocket doubles as a stuff sack that the whole windbreaker can fit inside ‐ how very 90's! The second pocket is a kangaroo style, with side front zipper openings on each side for access. 

The unlined sweatshirt views C and D may not have all the bells and whistles as the first two, but are fantastically quick and cozy sews. Softshell works great in these views too. Better yet, use your favorite fluffy fabric like a Cloud Cuddle© for a pullover that dreams are made of. Views B and D are simply cropped versions of their counterparts. This on‐trend look is perfect for a tween or teen looking for something a little edgy or unique. Whether cropped or long, all‐weather or indoor‐cozy, your Verdant Windbreaker will be the layering piece you didn't know you needed, but can't live without.

Here are some tester photos!

Daybreak Belt Bag

The Daybreak Belt Bag is a pattern for a bag that can be worn either across the body or around the waist. There are three different sizes - small, medium, and large - along with the option for zippered lining pocket, mesh lining pocket, or both. The outside is a simple, streamlined shape with a squared bottom and curved top, which looks great in either a minimalist solid or a fun printed fabric. The sewn in strap is adjustable so it's easy to go from waist to across the body without extra straps dangling or getting in the way. With a full lining, the interior of the bag is finished with the turning method which gives a professional finish without the struggle of binding everything together at the end. Whether sewing for kids or adults, cross body or around the waist, the Daybreak Belt Bag is the it bag this year!

Check out these tester photos of the Daybreak Belt Bag!

Here's a reminder of all the patterns coming in this collection! Stay tuned next week for more details.

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