Monday, January 31, 2011

Tutorials! (and another giveaway)

I'm sorry everyone! It completely slipped my mind to post this week about Kelly's Couture Cutie design from last week. She has the tutorial up at SINML AND a giveaway for the couture cutie dress she made for the tutorial pictures! Go check it out! Like, now. :)

She also has the first week's Frosted Pane skirt and bolero and this week's San Marino dress is up for a new feature of her's called Make It Monday. Thanks Kelly!

Some more tutorials from the designers-

Jessica's Anthropologie-inspired Dress, Bohemian Peasant Dress,  and Pleated Headband
Katy's Fabric Cranes
Team Kojo's Ribbon Candy Bubble Dress, Winter Ruffle Dress and Headband
Shauna's Doe A Deer Top, Wonderland Cape, and Owl Dress

Go check them out and be inspired. :)

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