Friday, August 26, 2011

Designer Introduction- Liz and Elizabeth of Simple Simon&Co

We are Elizabeth and Elizabeth, two girls who married brothers and ended up with the same name.  Besides sharing a name we also share a love for all things vintage, an addiction to sewing, and an adversion to having our pictures taken.  We are both former school teachers, each have three children, and love the art of finding a great deal.

However, even with all the similarities we are very different girls.  Elizabeth loves anything lime, chips and homemade salsa, a warm Fall day, and school supplies (a whole cupboard full) while liZ enjoys drinking soda, wearing old jeans, vacationing in Disneyland, and hoarding piles of vintage polyester.

Our similarities and differences make us a good team (even if we drive our husbands crazy with all our crafting ideas).  Together we have a great time working on the projects for our blog and are really excited to be a part of Project Run and Play.  Hopefully we'll get to stick around for awhile.

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