Thursday, September 8, 2011

Flutter Sleeve Tutorial from Simple Simon & Co

Here is our first winner's tutorial- the flutter sleeves from Simple Simon's Modern Dick and Jane! I love the sweet touch they add to a basic dress. Enjoy!

I love to put flutter sleeves on dresses. They are easy, darling, and very vintage--which is my kind of project. Another great part about this type of sleeve is that you can add them to existing sleeveless dresses if you want to add a bit more coverage. All you have to do for an existing dress is to open the bodice and lining at the sleeve seam and insert a set of these babies...and you are done.

Everyone does them a little different (some people just cut out one sleeve and hem) but here's how I make mine....

Also, many of you were asking about the dress pattern. I put a blurb about it on SIMPLE Simon & Co today. It really is a modified version of a vintage tutorial that I have already put up....but I will tell you about the easy modifications (including this sleeve) I made over there. See you there!

Thanks everyone,

Simple Simon & Co

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