Thursday, September 29, 2011

Guest Post- 3 Halloween Hats by Delia Creates

Hi Project Run and Play readers!

I'm Delia from deliacreates and I am excited to be here for Halloween week!

Today I'm sharing a fun Halloween accessory that you can make for your kids or for you. 

It's not quite a hat, but it's too big to just be a clip/bow/hair flower, so I've dubbed it the Hat-ette.

It's a little reminiscent of those mini hats from the early 1900's {and that have been gaining some more attention lately}, and lots of fun to get creative with. Plus, they're costume hats, so I used almost no sewing. It's nice to have a break from sewing I think. :)

If you're wondering where the kids are in these pictures?

You'll have to deal with me as your model today.

I didn't have time to scout out a little girl model for this post.

So...onto the project.

I made three looks.

And here is a quick run-down on how I put them together.

First, the Pumpkin...and my favorite actually.


 For all three hat-ettes you'll need circles of strong corrugated cardboard. I used a bowl as my stencil and just cut these out of a box.

Stack a circle of felt {doesn't have to be perfect}, a few layers of quilt batting and the cardboard circle together.

Hot glue like so. 

Then poke a hole in the middle.

And thread some yarn through to create the grooves of your pumpkin.

Cut about 1 1/2 yards of ribbon and lay it across the middle.

Seal up the bottom of the hat with another, slightly smaller felt circle.


Now adorn with a rolled brown felt stem and a cut green leaf.

Done! Go ahead, try it on.

When worn with an orange shirt, it can be a quick low key costume. Or you can add it as the topper to a pumpkin costume you've made for your child. 

Next up, the Witch hat-ette.

I think the lace makes this one more appropriate for you, but without the lace it would be a great dainty hat for a little girl. Or... put the lace in the back of the hat to make a different kind of veil. Hmm? wrap some felt around the cardboard circle with hot glue.

Take stiff felt and roll it into a cone.

The stiff felt costs a little more, but you only need one sheet. Glue it into that cone shape and cut off the excess. I tried it on top of my head several times to get the height I wanted, and  just cut off a little bit as I went.

Glue to the hat and adorn as desired.

 I used some black feathers and then cut the ring off a spider ring for this look.

I added a strip of lace across about 3/4 of the hat and then finished off the bottom like I did with the pumpkin.

Easy enough?

I only wish I was more careful where the lace laid across my eyes. I have a nice big opaque flower covering my left eye and it bugs me! So be careful of that or use a more sheer lace.

When I tilt the hat, it's not so bad though.

And lastly, the sunflower

Do the same as you did with the other hats. Cover with felt. Then cut and glue pinched petals on like so...

I added some brown tulle and an autumn flower - see Cheri's tutorial here - to the middle.

So cute for a girl who wants to be a flower but not be too dressed up, or a great addition to any flowery fun costume.

If the bonnet ties are bothersome, you can also attach these hat-ettes to a headband. You will have less control on where the hat-ette will sit on your head, but it can be a more comfortable alternative.

You can also glue a clip to the bottom for more stability if you like.

Thanks for having me Micalah. Good luck to all the participants tomorrow. I have been in awe of what you gals have been cranking out every week!

Want to save this idea for later? Pin this image: 

Halloween fascinators tutorial

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  1. these are so so cute! what a great set of instructions too. delia is amazing though, I should have guessed. :)

  2. beautiful! and I love that it doesn´t take much long time to make them

  3. You are so beautiful. Your hats are so cute too :-) Great tutorials.

  4. Thanks for having me over Micalah!

  5. Thank you so much for this post! I am totally going to make the witch "hat-ette" for myself this Halloween and wear a black dress. That way I am still festive without being the only weird parent in the full costume at the kids' school Halloween party (been there, done that! It was embarassing!)

  6. OMG, what a great idea!! Perfectly acceptable for a grown-up, too, as you demonstrated! =)

  7. I love these! Thanks so much for the instructions. It will be a cute addition to my lazy "pregnant pumpkin belly" t-shirt costume.

  8. These are so adorable! The instructions seem easier than I would expect, too. I will have to give it a try!

  9. Those are brilliant!! Thanks for the tutorial

  10. These are FANTASTIC!! I need to create an occasion to wear them!

  11. How cute! Loving them all, but gotta make that witch hatette! :)

  12. Love this witch hat-ette! If you don't have cardboard circles or a way to cut them, you can use old/scratched CDs (or new blank ones)! Perfect circles!

  13. So cute! I love the pumpkin, but I think classy witch with the little hat-ette and a little black dress would the the ultimate in elegant (and easy) halloween costumes.

  14. Absolutely LOVE these hats! I am going to make one of each for my daughter and her two room mates. What fun they will have!

  15. All are nice pose a nice hats. I would like to wearing hats so get and find good hat from this blog.


  16. I just made the sunflower hat. Love it! Thanks for the great ideas.

  17. OMG these are amazing. Thanks for sharing your creativity!

  18. LOVE! Here is my attempt at the witch's hat. The flower hat took a bit longer, but it was well worth it. Thanks so much!!!

  19. This is amazing creation of hat.I like to visit this post.that's give a good discussing how to make a nice hat.

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  20. So cute and fantastic! Thank you for the tutorial!



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