Monday, September 26, 2011

Week 4 Results!

This week had a very clear winner- congratulations Simple Simon & Co!

I want one of those capes for myself! So darling! :)

Unfortunately, we are letting Jessica F. go. :( Thanks Jess for all you've done (with a newborn too!).

This week's theme (and the final theme challenge before signature looks!) is Halloween and Dress-up! Whether you have a Halloween party coming up, or your child needs some fresh dress up clothes, we could all use some new ideas! 

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  1. ;) Take requests from the kid... I'm making a vampire pumpkin costume for my three-year-old niece this year, and a matching one for her five-month-old sister. And the three-year-old is also still asking for a cape and Supergirl outfit so, "I can fly." She's determined to be a, "Nice pumpkin, not a scary one, and it has to have big teeth and fangs"!

    The baby is getting a matching pumpkin costume--just with a different face on it. Bit and I drew the face for hers together. It's just a matter of waiting for materials to arrive and waiting for the pattern I need to go on sale at Joanns.

  2. I have a hibiscus costume for those interested. This was the one made using stockings and wire!


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