Friday, September 23, 2011

Week Four- Repurposing

Jessica F.'s A Range of Color-


For this week's theme I created three pieces. The first thing that I had wanted to do was pants with buttons down the side. I wanted to use a button down dress for them, so I found this pink one at a thrift store. I did change the buttons though :)


Then I actually hit up my own stash of clothes to be repurposed because when I was able to go to the thrift store, the little one just couldn't quite be happy so it was a trip cut short. I used various shirts to create the tank top and I used an old cardigan that I resized. I added crocheted butterflies to the cardigan for fun. Those are my daughter's favorite part of this outfit.


Head on over to the blog for more details.

Alida's Hipster Baby-

Recently my friend and I were chatting about how our kids are little hipsters. Because of Netflix they can stream all of those awesomely random cartoons from the '80s (anyone remember Heathcliff? It's my kids' fave.) My kids are fascinated with technology from my youth that they will never have, like audio tapes and rotary phones.

Since hipster fashion is centered around making thrift store finds hip, I decided a baby hipster outfit would be perfect for this challenge!

Hipster fashion 101:

Large hair bow-check
Retro tee shirt-check
Oversized 80's style vest-check
Skinny Jeans-check
Graffiti shoes-double check

Go to I Make Stuff to see the before pics and more info!

iCandy's Petal Dress-

When we were pondering what to make for this week's re-purposing challenge,

Autie's first thought

was the dresses made from curtains in the Sound of Music.

We liked the idea of making clothing out of something intended for another purpose.

As we continued to brainstorm, we decided to make a dress.

We came up with the design first, and then I remembered an old sheet that doesn't fit any of my beds.

I rummaged in my linen closet and found it!

It has a subtle leaf design/texture, which was perfect since our dress is floral inspired.

We loved the color, a simple cream, and thought a touch of black (stripes made with ribbon) would be the perfect accent.

We topped our petal-esque skirt with a simple bodice with a boat neck and tiny capped sleeves, and completed the look with a giant flower headband!

For more details, come and visit iCandy handmade!

Jessica G.'s Stylish 70's-

Who doesn't love a good Upcycle?!! I have the most fun browsing through thrift stores and finding great textiles in fabrics and clothes, things that I simply know I can turn into something stylish and new. There is a thrill knowing that you created something fabulous from something that cost you only $1!

Here I found 2 old skirts, an old lace curtain, and a blouse. The skirts were used as the main body of the material to make the dress, as well as the pants. And the lace curtain and blouse were used for the ruffles in the dress, and the front bow. To complete the look I grabbed an old pair of Chloe's boots from last season, a bag of feathers and my hot glue gun, and went to work! And then to pull it all together, I made the hair accessories using those same feathers and a scrap leather strap.

I am in love with how this Upcycled ruffled 70's look turned out, and it's something anyone can do with any fabric - you don't have to have the skirt I found to make it!

We won't tell anyone it cost under $5 to make!

For more pictures from this Photo Shoot, please visit me at Me Sew Crazy. I hope you like it!

Simple Simon's Breakfast at Tiffany's-

This week's challenge was a fun one for us. We love to refashion and's just a good feeling to take one thing and make it into something totally different.

The vintage wool came from an estate sale (a 50 cent score, complete with tiny moth holes) and we knew that it would be perfect for some classic Audrey Hepburn capes. The black skirt and pants were originally going to be made from some bridesmaids skirts that Liz had, but when we looked closely at them and realized that they were cut on the bias, we knew that they weren't going to work for the "fitted" look that we were going for. So, take two, an old black twin sheet became the cigarette pants and dress; while a women's white cotton oxford was completely cut down and refashioned to become the shirt.

Grace's outfit consists of a black, sleeveless, fitted sheath dress with a recycled sash from one of Liz's Homecoming dresses. Her camel wool cape has a vintage button closure and a peter pan collar that became very fun to twirl in. Both girls also have a birdcage to complete their looks that were made from feathers, some upcycled felt for padding and more of the camel-colored wool that were sewn to trivets.

If there is one thing that I have learned from watching Project Runway seasons, it is the fact that a fitted pair of trousers aren't easy to sew. And so while sewing and fitting and sewing and fitting these trousers I could just hear in my mind Michael Kors commenting about "a saggy crotch" over and over--which I was bound and determined NOT to have :)

So Hannah has a pair of cigarette pants (luckily with no saggy crotch) which is basically a 50's version of leggings, made from the black cotton sheet, a semi-exposed burgundy zipper, and a vintage button closure on the waistband. Her white cotton oxford is completely cut down and refashioned from a woman's shirt.

Head to Simple Simon & Co for more photos and a few more details about each of these looks.

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  1. I really have two favorites this week.... a good thing I have a work computer as well....

  2. Awesome outfits! I love the LBD and the petal dress, in fact i made a petal skirt for my 4.5 yr old daughter last week and today posted a tutorial on How to Make a Petal Skirt, please do check it out! Thanks

  3. Wow - such a hard choice this week!!!

  4. Love Breakfast at Tiffany's outfit. Such a good way to have coordinating sibling outfits without being too matchy. I love how they look like little ladies.

  5. I sure do love a repurposing challenge !

  6. I love A Range of Color! It is so cheerful, youthful and looks super comfy for little ones. I love that it is new clothes made from old clothes. :)

  7. Holy cow. What a tough choice this time! Seriously. I want to vote for three!! Can I??? ;)

  8. wow these are so adorable!! I <3 the Breakfast @ Tiffanys

  9. I'm amazed by the wide range of talent and creativity - just joined in at the tale end of week four - but I'm hooked - I'll be following til the end for sure!

  10. I love these, don't really have a favorite.. but think this is fantastic. I do alot of recycle/re purpose. I work with a small theatre group who have a 0 budget. So, thrift stores, goodwill, salvation army, sheets from the local motels, bits and piece of clothing that people donate to the cause... Great to see people using and reusing.. makes me feel good.. that this stuff doesn't land in the landfill


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