Friday, September 16, 2011

Week Three- Boys!

Alida's Tony (Faux) Hawk-

This week's challenge has been my favorite so far! My son has recently become obsessed with Tony Hawk and skateboarding at the skate park, so I thought I'd make him the ultimate skateboard outfit! The tee shirt is an upcycle of a tee that was too small for him. He's been asking me to make it bigger for a while...
The sweat shirt is an upcycle as well. My hubby's sweater shrank in the wash (oops!), so I thought it would make the perfect base for an awesome skater hoodie. The back has a skater guy on a ramp, which I have to say is my favorite part.

Every skater needs to bring along accessories like extra wheels and bakugan cards (ya know, the essentials) so I made him a bag to go along with his outfit. The bag is made from his father's BDUs. You can read more about him HERE.

I hope you enjoy boy's week as much as I have! Make sure to check out my blog for more pics and info!

iCandy's Lil Maverick-

Can you think of any one more studly than Tom Cruise in Top Gun?  Classic.  
For this weeks boy challenge, we thought we'd try to replicate that Maverick look, little boy style.

Jen's the genius behind this challenge.  
We found an over-sized, thrifted men's leather jacket and a women's brown, ribbed sweater.  We loved the look of the roughed-up leather and preferred that to buying yardage of pristine "pleather" from the fabric store.  After piecing and piecing, and hours of blood, (literally) sweat, and tears...she came up with a little mini-Mav. 

Also with scraps from that same leather jacket, Jen made an old-fashioned aviator helmet to go with the bomber jacket- complete with fur-lined ear-protection and neck strap.
We added a painted bulls-eye tee and aviator sunglasses to complete the look.

Please go check out iCandy for more pics and more details!

Jessica G.'s Baby Boy at Play-

The little man in my life, happens to be REALLY in, 2 months old :). So for me, I had to make something for the Baby Boy!

Luckily Sarah Jane came out with the cutest Children at Play fabric line recently, which is full of inspiration! With the weather turning colder, and my baby getting bigger, I needed a new outfit for the Fall. And we all know that for babies it is about comfort, ease, and :).

I started with making a classic button up shirt, and then added a knit sleeve to the arm - to give it that 'I have a shirt underneath this button up' look. Next I upcycled a pair of old khaki shorts, and turned them into these cute pants with bottom snap closure. I made the pockets for the sides, fully lined them with cotton to acclimate them for colder weather, and then pulled the cotton lining over the top waistband for a more comfy fit and material against my baby's belly. Lastly, I wanted some accessories for ultimate cuteness - so I scaled the Leila & Ben Little Cap pattern to suit my needs, and made some matching Sundays Best suspenders by Moda Bake Shop.

After all of that, I decided it still wasn't quite needed that one final touch. A jacket. So I whipped up a cute fleece cover up with contrasting bias knit trim and zipper closure. Best of all are the hand embroidered paper airplanes which absolutely complete the look!

For more photos, please visit me at Me Sew Crazy. Thanks so much!
Simple Simon's North by Northwest-

When we heard there was going to be a boy's week, we knew from the very beginning what we wanted to do.  We wanted to make our boys some vintage-goodness too, this time, in the form of some good old retro jammies and a bathrobe.  So, we give you our "North by Northwest" adventure pajamas.

Our youngest is sporting his retro jammies, complete with a pair of pajamas pants and a pajama top to mimic a vintage baseball uniform from the 1950's.  And our oldest is also in his pajama pants combined with a comfy fleece bathrobe to complete his bedtime look.  Other details include vintage buttons and handmade biased-tape trim.

Head over to Simple Simon & Co for more pictures and a funny story about this photo shoot.

Jessica F.'s Flying High-
Flying High (with description)

What a fun challenge this was for me this week. Since I only have girls, I don't really think much about boys fashion. No need to really. So for my inspiration, I looked to my husband. He's a pilot in training for the Coast Guard so I decided to create a pilot look. The first thing I knew I needed to make was an aviator jacket. I wanted it to be super comfy though, so I made it out of fleece. I then added the faux fur collar and gold notions (zipper and buttons) for a more authentic look.

The pants are wide leg with four pockets and very comfy. In fact, my little model didn't even want to take them off! And that's saying a lot because the poor thing had to model this outfit in 90+ Florida heat. It made me feel good he liked them that much though :) Then I used a store bought shirt and added a vintage airplane word applique. The words in it are from a poem called "High Flight". One of my hubby's faves.

I love my country!

Bringing the whole look together, I found kid aviators that I had bought last summer for my daughter and my hubby let us use his helmet and flight bag as well. Now I want a little boy :) LOL. Head on over to Happy Together to see more pics and info.

Leisel's Tuxedo Twist-
i know what you are thinking. . .


where are the boys?
well, i will tell you. 
i don't have any boys of my own.  my neighbors don't have any boys.  none of my nephews are within a 100 mile radius.  i don't even have any boys in my primary class!  i tell you, i am livin' in a girl's world.
so, i decided it was time to think ~outside~ the box. 
i took a 'boy look' and made it into something girlie.

my inspiration was a man's ruffled tuxedo shirt-- in funky, 70's colors.  add some black and white-- just 'cause i love black and white!- and you got something fun for the little misses, with some 'boy' inspiration.


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  1. I love this week, as mom to a boy! I really think it's awesome how Leisel thought outside of the box, way to go the extra mile! The boy stuff is awesome though, boys are so fun to dress, it just takes a little more thought. :)

  2. I was wondering what people who didn't have a boy would do.... ask a stranger at the grocery store? I like Leisel's idea; smart lady.

  3. I love project run and play, this idea is so much fun, thanks to everyone who makes it happen :)

  4. great topic this week, fun to see the boys get some love. that "little mav" jacket looks like SO much work. great job, everybody!

  5. Yay for boy moms!!!!!! We have arrived and people are going to notice.

  6. Fabulous!! LOOOOVe the leather jacket! And I think I want to sport one of those ruffled shirts myself!

  7. Wow! The quality of projects is stepping up! Well done everyone.

  8. that maverick is a awesome! wow what great texture, with the comfy sweater and the leather outer.. i want one too!(and that cutie modeling it..ooh he's gonna be a heartbreaker!)

    yet,my opinion is that the "little boy" look is best carried by the retro pajamas. so my vote goes there.

    the babyboy outfit catches special mention because of the amount of detailing that went into an outfit thats not gonna fit next month! wonderful effort Jessica, and lovely picutes as well!

  9. Wonderful! I love seeing the Children at Play fabric! So great! xoxo


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