Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Simple Simon and Company: Suspenders Tutorial

"You must not forget the suspenders, Best Beloved!"

---Rudyard Kipling

I love suspenders. I think it comes with being a product of the 80's and the fact that I had several pair growing up.

Anyway, I've wanted to buy some for Simon for awhile now but couldn't find any. It wasn't until this competition that it dawned on me to just make him a pair.

They are super fast and super easy to make. I just wish I would have thought of this sooner.

Here's what you'll need:
1" elastic in the color of your choice
4 suspender/mitten clips

1-2 twill iron on patches (OPTIONAL)
The little one you are making the suspenders for

Step #1--Measure how long you want the suspenders.
Step#2--Sew the clips on the front two straps.

Step #3--Clip the front straps to your model's pants and drape the rest of the elastic over their shoulders.

Step #4---Decide where you would like your straps to cross. (I like mine just below the shoulder blades.) Pin the elastic straps together in the crossed position.

Step #5---Take the suspenders off you model, keep the back straps crossed and pinned, then sew the back straps together so that they will remain crossed.

Step#6. (OPTIONAL) All my suspenders had a patch over the area where the elastic criss crossed so that is how I made Simon's. I just used 2 iron on patches---cut them the same shape--put them wrong sides together with one on top of the elastic and one underneath---ironed them together and then topstitched around the edges. (It's easy and I like how it looks but it is totally not necessary.)

Step #7. Just to be sure they will fit I tried the suspenders on my model one more time. I clipped them on in the front and hung them over the back just to check the length before sewing on the final 2 clips on the back straps. (I ended up trimming mine just a little bit.)

Step #8. Sew on the back clips.

You're done! (And it only took like 10 minutes!) Honestly, why I didn't I think of this before?

And they are good not only for costumes but for church and school. I love it!

Thanks again for letting us play!

Simple Simon & Co

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