Monday, October 3, 2011

Week 5 Results

This week was SO close! Our winner was Team Simple Simon!

How sweet, right?

Sadly, we have to let go of Team iCandy.

This week is our finale and we will get to see each designer's signature look!

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  1. I follow you on Google Reader and somehow didn't see the post that showed all the choices and to vote. Bummer!

  2. Same here; it never showed up!

  3. It didn't show up in my reader either.

  4. Another one that never saw this week's candidates in Google Reader :(

  5. I had the same issue! Hope that gets sorted.

  6. Yeah, I saw a post about it on someone's blog so I came over from there, but it didn't show in my reader either - so I never would have voted had I not seen the Simple Simon's post...


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